Introducing GEL-NIMBUS 21

Introducing GEL-NIMBUS 21 ASICS has announced the launch of the GEL-NIMBUS 21 shoe – the latest release of its top-of-the-range, neutral long-distance running shoe. With ASICS’ commitment to continual improvement, the shoe incorporates human-centric science and the latest technology to give long-distance runners superior comfort so they can run further for longer. Designed for neutral […]

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Lesotho ultra 2018

Date Held: 24 November 2018 Distances: 38km / 50km Terrain: Trail running Venue: Maliba Lodge, Lesotho Website: Lesotho Ultra Photos by: Phonix Capture cc – Professional Photography and Videography This race was a goal of mine since August 2017, then I found out I was pregnant. This instantly put a major hold on things, but I was still determined […]

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The Perfect Run

Since becoming a new mom I’ve found my time seems to escape me, or in other terms my time is just very much not my own anymore. I’m constantly focusing on everything that needs to be done, and the manner, time and circumstances it has to be done in for the picture in my head […]

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Running and breastfeeding: 6 Months Postpartum

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, midwife or nurse. The information expressed in the series “Running and Breastfeeding – By JBRobinBog.com” should not be taken as medical advice. Please consult your doctor before running during postpartum. So I’m officially running and breastfeeding for 182 days or 6 months postpartum! From the start wanting to succeed […]

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Runners Recovery : Cryo Recovery

As Runners we rarely accept anything that comes in the way of our training. We all know the famous fraise that runners always seem to utter the moment they’re told of an injury. ‘So Doc, When can I run again?’ There are numerous ways of running recovery ranging from personal methods through to expert. Two […]

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