Scrub Hare Trail Run

Date Held: 3 September 2017 Distances: 5km / 13km / 20km Terrain: Trail running Venue: Leeuwenkloof  Website: My Road Less Travelled Photos by: @TVrugtman / @AdventureLifeSA Scrub Hare Trail Race was hands down one of my favourite races organised by My Road Less Travelled. It was filled with lots of challenging terrain and interesting twists and turns so intricate that […]

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Running Pregnant : First Trimester

So now that the cat is out of the bag and everybody basically knows about out little present that is on its way I can finally start with the new feature that I will be running over the following weeks. That is  – Running Pregnant –  As per my previous post I said after finding […]

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The Mother of all Surprises: Running for 2

I love Surprises! I love the happy feeling of something that happens unexpectedly! As adults be rarely get surprised anymore, we mostly lose that as we grow up- and I never want to lose that, little did I know that 2017 would hold for me the surprise of my LIFE! I was sitting at my […]

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Why do I Pee my pants when I run?!

When I run, it makes me feel free, it liberates me from any responsibilities and things that I otherwise HAVE to do. I like to run fast, and I don’t like being stopped and distracted. But I’ve recently started to encounter a very distracting and very embarrassing event whilst running, and to be honest it’s […]

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Land Rover Centurion Mountain Monster Trail Run : Hakahana Trails

Event Name: Land Rover Centurion Mountain Monster Trail Run Date Held: 27 Aug 2017 Distances: 20km / 10km / 5km Venue: Hakahana Trails Website: Hakahana Trails On 27 Aug 2017 we took part in the Land Rover Centurion mountain monster #2 at Hakahana Trails. Hakahana Trails is located approximately 15km west of Pretoria, next to Gerotek and on […]

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