The 3 Day Quote Challenge- Day One (October Edition)

Thank you to fitnessgrad for nominating me for this! I believe in certain words that need to be lived by, so for day one here are mine, I don’t have the original authors for them, sorry. Please feel free to share!

Rules to be followed:

  • 3 quotes each day
  • 3 nominees to be nominated (no repeats)
  • Thank the person who nominated you
  • Inform the nominees

My quotes for today are:

  1. Eating better becomes easier when you change “I can’t have that…” into “I DON’T want that!’


  1. It takes the same amount of energy to worry than to Believe

  1. The greatest wealth in life is Health!


My nominees for today are

1.    Strictly lighthearted

2.      Potatopen

3.    Just tri it once


Have a lovely day!

XOXOX – Jani


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