Hollard JURA

From the creators of the Hollard JUMA, BAM events and experience creators, in partnership with JHB City Parks, brings you the all new adventure packed Hollard JURA (Jozi Urban Run Adventure).

The run starts and end at Marks Park. Runners will make their way towards conquering various obstacles such 50m bum slide, hay bale hell, mielie sack jumping, crawling under roads through tunnels, running across the Emmarentia Dam and much more. Urban is the new trail!

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Thursday a few of Jozi’s Runners came together to test out the Obstacle course for the Hollard JURA. It was a fun day filled with laughs and gasps. We had the opportunity to go through a shortened version of the course with a few new obstacles. It was very well planned and I’m excited to see the full event and set up on the day.

It was amazing to see parts of Jozi like never before- crawling though sewers and climbing up the most unlikely of obstacles. It was definitely a first for me.

I truly learnt that a little mud and dirt does not hurt, that I’m stronger that I thought, and to not over thing, JUST GO FOR IT!

It was a fun experience and definitely a must for all adrenaline junkies and fitness freaks alike!

Enter both the Hollard JUMA and Hollard JURA on our adventure packed weekend, and discover more about Jozi in one weekend than you have in an entire lifetime, and earn yourself the title of the Hollard Double Victor!

The day before you ride Hollard JUMA stretch your legs on the Hollard JURA. You have three options; the 18km, 12km, or the 6km fun run.

All three distance have obstacles and you can get more info and enter – CLICK HERE!

Come and see Jozi on your on your feet, Crossing Over Rivers and crawling under roads through tunnels.

Happy Running

xxx- Jani


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