Race Report: Land Rover Centurion Mountain Monster Trail Run #3 : Modderfontein Nature reserve

Event Name: Land Rover Centurion Mountain Monster Trail Run #3

Date Held: 22 Oct 2017

Distances: 30km / 13km / 6km

Venue: Modderfontein Nature reserve

Website: Modderfontein Nature reserve

The recent Land Rover Mountain Monster # 3 organised by Trail Hunter events was held on 22 October 2017. The race was held at the Modderfontein Nature reserve. It is surprising to think than in between so many houses and factories a place like this exists.

The vision for the Reserve is to create, within an urban setting, a natural open space which is socially, economically and ecologically sustainable. The 275-hectare Private Park is the second-largest private park in Gauteng and includes portions of the Modderfontein Spruit, a number of dams, grassland and hills. The Reserve is operated by the Endangered Wildlife Trust on behalf of Heartland Properties. The Modderfontein Conservation Society have had input into the area for many years now and are assisting with the establishment of the reserve.

We arrived at the location early on Sunday morning just as the Runners for the 30 km were heading off. I was very excited for this race, and had wondered what the venue looked like for months after a friend told me about it. This was also to be my last trail race till next winter so I wanted to make a point in enjoying it.

The sun was shining nice and bright and it had rained the previous evening, Juts enough so that the mud was not too much but that the grasslands and the wet ground smelled amazing. The venue is very nice, and the bathrooms were in a great condition.

We entered for the race on the day and received an awesome goodie bag, I was super excited for the Pekant products. I have to get my hands on some of these bars, they truly are amazing! Never have I gotten so much energy from one bar. I had one before my race the other day after I had fallen victim to morning sickness before a race and it did the trick. And they taste amazing!

We also got some drink mix from Back to basics Nutrition, I love their Blue recovery drink, and its safe for Baby! We also got a nice vanilla lip-balm from Maxxis who were also sponsors at the event.

We all got ready lining up at the start, all us 13km girls in the front. It really is allot of fun to be taking part in events with such a great community/comradery feeling. Below here is us before the race:

They counted us down and we were off, immediately our two fast runners Marianne and Nina were off. I tried to get a rhythm as I ran to keep up with Ingrid. I felt so out of breath the whole time, like my heartrate goes from 66 to 166 in 5 seconds!

We headed out onto a road as we made our turn onto a single track. I enjoyed the decent and got my breathing under control. I tried to hold onto my place as I was behind the leading ladies, I really wanted my last race to be a little more epic that the previous ones. We descended a little more as we followed next to the river, which was very full, gushing with water. As we started to hit the elevations it occurred to me that this trail was not going to be my friend, you see I prefer very technical ups and downs, and this mountain monster would end up not being my cup of tea.

The inclines were long and flat, the type that creates a burn in your calves… With the sun beaming down I realized we were only 3.5km in, and I’d have to slow down at some point. The heat started to catch me as we hit a nice straight part, which then followed another long straight hill to climb. I reverted to a more economical power walk, trying to catch my short breath whilst having some salted caramel GU, It was meant for emergency, and at this point it felt like one. Legs burning here I started to lose my place, and excepted that this would not be my day.

After the up a relief or winding paths through the grass lands came up  – this was a good decent as we followed along a single track that appeared to be worn through by the tires of bikes. This made the terrain a little trickier to navigate without rolling an ankle, the decent was a good breath catcher for me. We continued on a series of ups and downs till the roads spilt for the 30km and the 13km.

When you looked up and around you it is astonishing to see the amount of open land that there is. It was like being in another town, it was really beautiful in colours of brown and yellow, we really needed the rain. I was so happy to see the water station, I didn’t care too much for the water as I was running with 2L water on my back. But those Pekant Granola bars. I grabbed two, and continued running, seriously indulging in them.

We continued through a wiggle winding path of high grass. I realised that now at about 9km I needed the bathroom, very seriously… We were literally in an open field, I would be seen from far away! Behind me 2 guys, about 2km away. In front the others were disappearing in the distance, suddenly a big ditch with long grass. It was like instinct kicked in, haha in and out without anybody even noticing, haha on my Strava you can even see where I ran off the track and back, lol. Fastest wee ever I’ll say.

From here on the decent was quite long, it was very refreshing and I started to feel better. I could see the finish line below in the distance, I was about 2km away. I pushed through to the end where we meet back onto the road and follow over the river on a metal bridge that was pretty nice to see.

The Red Trail Hunter Banners became visible and realized I have to at least smile for the camera!

So I aimed to run about 1:10min and ended with 1:31min. Let’s just say it was a mountain monster for me alright! It was a great race and they will be having another one in November at the same venue. This one is rumored to be more technical than this one!

See information at the end of this post! I’ve really enjoyed the Races by Trail hunter events this season and hope to take part in more events by them next Season.

Thank you to Cornelius Van Niekerk from Flint and Fuel Creative for all the great photos!

Below I have a Relive video of the race:

Below is all the race information, also follow links to online registrations!

MM#3: at Modderfontein Reserve 26 November 2017

Organized by Trail Hunter Events

Pre Entries (Closing 24 Nov 2017):
30km – R 210,00
13km – R 150,00
5km – R 100,00

Central Park Trails Modderfontein

Start Times: 
30Km: 07H00
13Km: 07H15
5Km: 07H30

Late Entries:
Available on the day at R30 extra fee

05H30 at Moderfontein Reserve on race day

All Finishers will receive a Land Rover Finisher Medal

  • Limited To 800 Entries

Route Information

Hidden amongst the green rolling hills and savannah-like grasslands, lies the beautiful free flowing trail of the 275-hectare Modderfontein Reserve, perfect for Trail Runners

The event venue offers unbelievable views, superior trails that caters for all fitness levels and is well known family friendly venue — just a short drive from Sandton!


Hard Pack Single Track, Jeep Track, Savannah, Grasslands

General Information

Water Points:
Runners can look forward to amazing water points including:

  • Ice Cold Water
  • Coke
  • Cream Soda
  • Energy Drinks
  • Potatoes
  • Bananas
  • 5 Different kind of sweets
  • Biscuits
  • Nuts & Raisins

Number of water points on route:
30Km – 2
13km – 1

Safe and secure parking at the venue

Contact Details

Ruan Botes

Email: labsportscience@gmail.com

Tel: 063 686 7315

Web: https://www.entrytime.com/event-details/?EventId=5194

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Happy Running!



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