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Running App Review

So about 5 months ago I posted that I would be reviewing 2 running apps.

The whole review kinda went down the drain because my phones GPS wasn’t working the way it should have so I had to unfortunately put a hold on it until I got a new phone.

So YAY! This weekend I got a new Phone – it is an Android. And I love it – So Happy! I almoust cried when I took pictures, the relief of being able to capture pretty things…

One of the things that are very important to me when I go for a run, is to know how far, how hard and how long I went for a run. To me it’s very interesting to see my performance and to see how I improve. It builds my confidence and helps me to be truly honest with myself – because it’s all there on the screen. At the same time it can be distracting, looking at the screen the whole time, taking pictures of things you see whilst you run, or accepting a phone call – so not all runners might prefer using a cell phone app. But if you dont have the budget to buy a nice running watch then this is the next best thing that is afordable to everyone who owns a smartphone.

With the months passing I have discovered more free running apps. Originally I use Nike running Club. It has never given me problems, besides my phone’s GPS that gave in here close to the end.

So this is the Plan:

I will be taking the apps and use all of them for 1 month each. And then I will be comparing them with each other. Whilst I use these apps I will be using my IPod fitness app alongside them to test the reliability and the effectiveness of the measuring of pace and distance. I trust my IPod fully, it just does not have the feature on showing where I run on map. My IPod does track all the other basics.

I will be focusing on the following:

  1. Platforms
  2. Size
  3. Cost
  4. Look and feel
  5. Data Usage
  6. Efficiency: how user friendly the app is
  7. GPS / Tracking on map
  8. Social media component
  9. Integration with other devices.
  10. Reliability
  11. Overall rating on Play store.(downloads)
  12. Extra Cool features
  13. Picture editing

The Apps I will be focusing on are the following:

  1. NRC – Nike Running Club
  2. adidas train & run
  3. Strava
  4. Polar Beat
  5. Runkeeper – GPS Track Run Walk
  6. MY ASICS Run Coaching

I will be using these apps for the next 6 Months (1 app per month) after which I will then do an in-depth comparison. We all have different aspects that are important for us when it comes to a tracking device. So I will be comparing specs as well as personal preference from my side.

In the following months you can keep an eye on me on Facebook and on Instagram . I will be sharing some images and experiences there.

I’m excited to see the results!

Click Here to see how Strava did

Click Here to see how RunKeeper did

Happy Running

XOXOX – Jani

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