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Running App Review: My ASICS

Third on my list for the App review was My ASICS. I tested the app for 30 days and ran a total of 93km with the app. I did not have any major issues with the app. And it was in fact very user friendly and plain Jane.I was impressed with the app.

The GPS Tracking is accurate and did not fail once. I was presently surprised of the fact that it does not only track roads, but also continued tracking me as I go off road. This is not something I expected from an entry level app.

I like the design, it ties in well with the ASICS Brand. The app itself is very simple. So much so that I was worried that I was missing something at one point. I thought that maybe I was not navigating it correctly, but it in fact was just a simple design right to the point.

This is something I believe will be up to the user if they like it or not. But for people who feel overwhelmed with all the additional add on’s that come with some of the other apps will enjoy the simplicity of this one.

The accuracy of my pace and Kilometers ran worked out and I had no issues. You cannot add photos, which was a little disappointing to me in the beginning. This is something that comes down to personal preference, but for me I like adding pictures to the app or to share on social media. So what I did was I would pause my run when I was done, pinched the screen to minimize the map and just took a screenshot, I would then just crop the image in either illustrator or another image editing site. A little tedious, but it can be done.

You can integrate between the app and the website. Both will display your information and sync with each other.  Below are a few pics of the website. It is very user friendly and a lot of it is self-explanatory.


The option where you can print your Training program is really handy.

Have a look at mine below – the also send you more technical information.

Mobile App:

But the most important part is obviously how it works on your mobile, as this will be the platform that you use the most when you run. Below I took a few screen shots to explain how the app works. Also to show some of its functions. Again very user friendly, nothing intricate.

The app has a sidebar menu that pops out with all its options available, you can click on the various options to display different dashboards. When you are ready to start a run just click on run and it will display your location if your GPS /locations settings are on and if your Data is working. The GPS bar shows you signal – blue means you are ready to go! It will also display what activity you are meant to do that day, as you can see it told me that I was having a rest day.

On the top of the sidebar it will display what program you are following if you have chosen to do so on the website.

On this app you don’t have a profile per say with your own picture and to view your activities you would need to go the activities in the side bar. Under activities there are 3 tabs.

  1. Info – the information of the run you just did
  2. Gear – you can add information about the clothing and shoes you are wearing
  3. Route – you can display in a very basic nature where you ran

Clicking on these tabs will all display different stats.

You cannot add friends or interact with others on the app except for the forum on the Website.

On the Website you can choose to follow a training program – By adding in a goal it will generate a basic training program for you to follow. The nice thing about this is that it will send you emails on the day that you have to run to remind you – This was nice. I will be following the program even if I stop with the app for the sake of reviewing the next one.

You Can also log an run that was not necessarily logged with the My ASICS app or import from another device

START RUN: When you choose to record an activity the above map will be displayed. It will show you whether your GPS has signal or not, if you don’t have signal your stats won’t record accurately – so ensure that you have signal and that your data is on. This is one feature that sucks a little as you basically always need data for your app to work and with the Nike+ running Club app you don’t need data – it should track you even if you don’t use your GPS, it will track you and just leave out the map part.

PAUSE RUN: You can Pause your run and continue it again later. It will show you the stats of what you have run so far. You can press the red stop button to end your run or the record button to continue with your run.

SAVE RUN: This part is pretty important – edit your things and SAVE – with other apps I was able to just quickly exit to my home screen and then open the app again ant finish editing the run, But with My ASICS once you exit you run will disappear. So to avoid disappointment save your run. After saving the run it will be displayed in the activity feed.

When you click on a run it will open it and display all the relevant information. It will show you your map and also some stats.

After you Run you can unfortunately not share it, or create an in-app picture. So what I did was I would pause my run when I was done, pinched the screen to minimise the map and just took a screenshot, I would then just crop the image in either illustrator or another image editing site. See image below

You cannot create your own routes on My ASICS. This is a little let down, I usually plan my routes ahead of time for instance before a holiday. You can plan your routes from anywhere in the world. This might be a nice feature that can be added to the app.

My top 3 Deal breakers that did or did not work for My ASICS:

  1. Accuracy: I had No issues with the GPS and it works well. I tracked my pace and my Kilometres very well and I was very happy here.
  2. Social involvement: No Social Media involvement. Now like I said this is a personal preference. For instance my Husband will LOVE this feature, because he likes keeping things very Private.
  3.  Integration: My ASICS does give you the option to import runs – as long as it is the following files – as long as it is 10MB and less in size
  • Open standards (GPX, KML & Fitlog)
  • Polar (HRM and XML)
  • Garmin (TCX and FIT)
  • CicloSport (DAT)
  • Beurer (EFT)
  • O-Synce (FIT)


End note:

I’m happy with this app all in all. Like I said it is very simple, not many ‘Tietlantyntjies’ and add on’s which was refreshing – I must say I did feel more focussed on my run and didn’t worry too much about getting a nice picture or taking pictures. I felt completely trustworthy towards the app. The GPS did not fail once. This was refreshing. Hope to see more from you guys in the future. In my personal opinion there can be a few add on’s that they can add to just open up their target market.

I love social media and pretty pictures and missed that feature here tremendously – I also feel it motivated me to do better so that I can share my best results with my friends and followers, so I missed that.

My Fave part about the app by far is the training program – I know that most other apps also have it – but I’m usually so overwhelmed by all the stuff that the other apps have that when it comes to the training program it just feels too exhausting to take that into account as well. Whereas with MY ASICS it was one of the main focusses and that was great – It even does a count down and everything to the event or goal date.


So on to the next app- Stay tuned to see what is the next free app I will be testing out! 

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Happy Running!



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