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Race Report: FNB Platinum Trail Run, Presented by Stillwater Sports

Date Held: 4 June 2017

Distances: 8km / 12km / 24km

Venue:  ATKV, Buffelspoort

Website: Stilwater Sports

The FNB Platinum Trail Run Involves the best trail running routes in the North West Province. Taking in the might of the Magaliesberg and the majestic Buffelspoort Dam, the Platinum Trail Run treats runners with magnificent views of the Buffelspoort Valley and terrain that is both varied and challenging.

The Race took place on 4 June 2017 – and I was very nervous. I entered for the event not sure of the distance I wanted to do, 12km was to short, and I’ve never ran 24km before. I decided to jump in big, and opted for the 24km, and I wanted to really push myself for once. I Blushed a bit as I told my Husband and Givemore I wanted to win, They giggled softly and Givemore told me –

“Rather concentrate on you time – this is your first race. Once you know what you can do on the distance you can concentrate on shaving off the time.”

They let me down really nice (Lol – silly girl) – That ended up being wise words – I would surly get my Reality check on this race. I really still have to build on my experience. But I was still nervous.

I was very nervous for a few things:

  • I was using my 2L Hydration pack for the first time
  • I was using GU Energy Gells for the first time
  • My one earphone was acting up a bit
  • I’ve been having really bad abdominal pains the whole week
  • And lastly, I’m done winging it, I wanted to perform very well, but like really well

Now I know all these things were supposed to be tested before hand, but it somehow did not work out that way.

Miraculously all the above worked out fine, earphones worked, gel were the weirdest texture ever, but I just swallowed it whole – worked wonders actually. The hydration pack was more than big enough!

The morning started FREEZING! But like seriously I wasn’t sure when to take of my jacket. As we started my fingers were like ice, my hands were so cold the first 5km. Since school I’ve forgotten what it’s like to be that cold. I just kept going trying to pass as many people. Remember I wanted to do well!

I had studied the Map and the elevation before hand – just to kinda have an Idea of what I was getting myself into. I wanted to do really well, to push myself and see what I can actually do. Below you can see that the highest elevation is at about 10km into the race, lol at the race that was all I could remember and I kept thinking that it was downhill from here as I reached the 10.5km mark. Haha, but it wasn’t, there were a few more inclines to come. They’re not my best – and I’ll have to train harder on them, the descents I love, yet I do occasionally fall because I go too fast.. I did fall on this day. My fall was in Sand, like desert sand, I think it could have been pretty funny to see, lol. Luckily I got up fast-fast and kept going with a nice and sandy face, scraped elbow and a bruised knee.

After I kinda recovered from the fall and started to concentrate again, I got the fright of my Life when Odawa Uhuru Tunyiswa (Third place winner Men’s 12km) called my name as he flew by me! Sjoe, those 12km runners really go all out – I was shocked to see how fast they were going! But it felt nice seeing friend along the route, Givemore (first place winner Men’s 24km) started the 24km the same time as me and there was no way I could stay with him.

I kept an eye on the time – I worked out that I would have to consume a GU Energy Gell every 45min. So I did, I don’t really enjoy sweet things (Chocolate doesn’t count) so I was a little socked when I tasted the gells for the first time. I just shoved it in my mouth while trying to keep my pace. The texture was very strange – but I could get used to it, I think it was just different. But I just swallowed it barely tasting it. PEOPLE! The energy! I did not expect this, at some point my legs were like “Eerrr… I’m not too ok anymore..” – But the rest was just like “ Shut-up, I got this!” it literally was the strangest feeling. I’ve been running all natural for so long – it was just an eye opener – and believe me it’s worth the money.

The Route was truly beautiful and at the top I actually thought of my Mom – Before the race she told me to remember to just enjoy it. I looked up and it was magnificent. The views up from there is really beautiful. I really enjoyed this race!

I wanted to finish max 2:30hours at a good pace. I ended up finishing my 24Km in 2:25Hours! A whole 5 min Faster, I was very happy and very proud. My husband was also there to welcome me at the finishing line. It was very special as it was the first race he came to watch. It was very special!

I’m very proud of my results and I came 11th over-all for the Ladies open in the 24km, and I really saw that this is what I want.

I want to run trails. This will be my future goal.

Running this race also reminded me of a very important aspect of achieving things.I did another article on The ASICS FronRunner website. Have a look here: It’s All in your Head

Below are all the Winners of the Day. ASICS had a 2 podium positions with both being first place in the 24km! well done guys, it was a honor to be running with all of you and be part of such a great brand as ASICS.


This was really was a beautiful race, and I look forward to doing it again! 

Happy Running!




  • Harry Schubert

    Hi Jani ,

    Hans de Ridder past your report on to me . Being the route designer I found your comments about the route and the joy you got out of running it very gratifying. Great stuff.

    Best Regards,

    • Jani du Toit

      Hi Harry
      I can even imagine how you would have to go about working out a route for a race with all the things you have to take into consideration – It really was beautiful, the Tunnel part was very scary and exhilarating, haha you almost feel blind for a second!
      I Also really enjoyed the part through the forest – where we cross over the River,It truly is beautiful! Looking forward to more events!

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