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Some days going for a run can prove a challenge with baby in the mix. There are days when the only way I can get a run is to take baby with. This takes a bit of planning and organisation and sometimes feel like it takes us forever to leave the house.

The fact is it has now turned into a fun activity for Paul and I to do, as long as there is enough Marie biscuits and marshmallows he seems to be happy.

Here are a few things to remember when running with baby in a stroller:

The Stroller
It’s best to run with a stroller that is kitted for running, most of the times these strollers have three wheels and an adjustable handle. The other thing we looked for when we did research is a titanium/metal frame and a suspension system of some sorts. Probably my favourite feature of my stroller is that the seat has a option of facing either way, so if it’s a cold day or there is a lot of wind I can have baby facing the opposite way of the wind or sun. You don’t have to always go for the most expensive stroller, believe me there are allot of other options do you research. 

Paul’s awesome stroller from Bounce can face either me, or away from me – it can be a seat or a bassinet, so he can comfortably nap while I run. and it wasn’t a budget breaker!

The best way to keep baby happy (I found, anyway) is with things that he/she can put in his mouth. I carry with me a small flask with boiling water and formula for a bottle. Another small bottle with ice and water in, marshmallows, Marie biscuits and pineapple pieces. Just always be one step ahead and be prepared for anything. And, because you’re running with a stroller, you have space to pack stuff, so pack yourself something too! There’s gonna be a lot of ‘heavy lifting’ so you might want some refreshment yourself!

The Route and distance 
Plan you route. Remember you’re running with some precious cargo and you don’t want to be caught in a situation where you don’t know where you are or what to expect from the road surface. I plan my route on running app websites, then I know exactly what to expect, also what landmarks are close-by in case we need to diaper change or something like that. Also allow for much more time that your usual solo run. There ends up being a lot of stops and running with the stroller definitely makes your pace slower.  With Paul I can do Max 10/12km then he gets tired and fussy, get to know your and baby’s running rhythm before you become to ambitious, it has to be fun for you both.

Paul in 2018 – when we just started running together. It was winter.

Weather can be unpredictable, so you need to be prepared. I usually have a warm top, light blanket and a waterproof cover of some sort with me for baby. I have used my ASICS Water/windproof jacket as a cover before when it started raining lightly to protect baby from the elements. But same for the opposite, a hat and some sunscreen is always a good idea to take with for baby in case the sun decides to not play along.

Take Pictures 
Have fun! Make peace with the fact that your stroller run won’t be the same as a solo training run, and the concentration you have on a solo run will definitely be broken on a stroller run. I usually see it as a good strength-training run and Paul and I have lots of giggles when I try to entertain him and make funny noises. It also takes you mind of a big incline when you concentrate on baby and making him/her laugh!

The beginning of spring.

I love running with Paul in the stroller, it’s a fun way to spend some time together and Paul loves getting out the house. It’s also a good way to make running a family activity, have your husband join you and baby on a run and let the whole family get in some fresh air!

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Happy Running



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