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Race Report : Cape Town Marathon 12KM Peace Trail race

Event Name: Cape Town Marathon 12KM Peace Trail race

Date Held: 14 September 2019

Distances: 12km

Venue: Cape Town

Website:  Cape Town Marathon

Photo Credit: Me and Hassiem Fisher

This past weekend was the Cape Town Marathon – It has a multitude of different distances and road and Trail options for all runners. This really makes it a great race to take part in because there is something for everyone.

I originally entered for the 22KM Peace trail race and was excited to give it my all but had to down grade my entry when I found out I was pregnant. I didn’t train as hard for this race as I would have liked, and to be honest, standing at the starting line I was expecting the worst! Having done the 22km trail the previous year 8 months post-partum (and it was hard for me) I was nervous about even just doing the 12 km. But it was great, and beautiful!

The race starts at the Green Point Stadium and takes you through a small part of the city before you start your incline up to Signal Hill. And it is truly a beautiful view in the way up followed by the contour path on Lion’s Head before making the descent to finish at Green Point Stadium.

Being Pregnant I was monitoring my heart rate quite closely and as I approached the height of the race at 6km I had to stop and get my heart rate down, I ate a crunchie chocolate and then I saw the downhill! I was so excited!

Haha finally I can just GO, GO, GO! Knowing exactly what waited for me as I remember the route end from the previous year, I was like a horse running back to the stables. I even ran about a 4:26 pace at some point, but after about 2km of flying, I could feel the hard-downhill pounding was taking its toll on my body and I had to slow down, it was still super exciting and empowering! The only downside was it felt like I was getting lightning crotch… Only Pregnant or previously pregnant woman would know what I’m talking about! It really is the worst part of running pregnant for me. And it feels like if is happening a little earlier the second time around…

With about 4km to go I had to take the down slower as my core is not as strong, I then realized that it was the same spot I struggled with last year with the 22km . I remember my core giving in completely the last few Km, I remembered my body was shattered and at 8 months postpartum my core was not strong yet…. it felt great thinking back to that, it made me feel strong, it’s great to have hard memories to pull out and remind yourself that you’re ok, you’re doing great and that you can absolutely keep going! .

Red Faced and Happy to get some coke! Haha..

We hit the Tar at 10km or something and then I just went into a comfortable pace and head for the finish. I was chasing the clock, because I really wanted to do the race in 1H30M so I pushed hard and being on the road made it easier and my heart rate stayed in check. At 11km I started happy crying, hormones I guess , but also because I felt so good! Despite not training well and despite being pregnant, I was actually able to RUN and feel some endorphins! Is was amazing, quite a relief actually! I finished 1H29M , super happy! A Pregnant trail PB for me. But I have to say this was really nice Race for me, I saw so many faces and Followers! And other Frontrunners, Old friends and New one’s. If my due date is correct, I’ll be back again at 7/8 months Postpartum for the 2020 Peace trail race, will have to see if I want to do the 22km or the 12km. But I’ll definitely be doing one of them that is for sure!

Happy Running!



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