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Cloth Nappies: My take over the past 7 Months.

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So initially my husband and I looked at cloth Diapers after I got pregnancy with Paul. My husband was the one that wanted to do it, and I wasn’t too convinced, but found it very admirable that he wanted to do it. We ended up not doing it because the initial investment felt like allot , and we just didn’t have a lump sum like that to start off with.

Fast-forward a few Months and I started to think about cloth diapering again allot. Our Paul was born with a very rare birth defect called Bladder Extrophy. This means that for a large part of Paul’s life he wouldn’t be continent. His urine basically just flows into his diaper, making him somewhat of a heavy wetter.

Paul in ICU at 3 days old after his big surgery

Paul has a healthy sleeping routine but leaking diapers would wake him allot as he got older, this was super frustrating as he would wet the bed, his pajamas and it would end up being a big story to get everything clean and dry again during the middle of the night. Most of the Mommies on the Bladder Extrophy groups suggested cloth nappies, even if it was just for nights. SO I started doing research and discussing it with friends.

Another thing that made me feel super self-aware and responsible was Poo nappies – I hate poo nappies, they are gross… and I don’t want to deal with them and it’s my own child’s poo, now I can’t imagine expecting someone else to have to deal with it? And what’s worse a disposable nappy doesn’t decompose for approximately 500 years?! That is a bit much. So this was another motivation to look into doing cloth nappies.

But the initial lump sum of starting out and buying the cloth nappies were still intimidating, what if it didn’t work? Then I would have spent all this money on these Nappies – the good news is that there is a very large resellers market for these nappies and you will almost always be able to resell used nappies as long as they were taken care of. So I started out by borrowing 12 used nappies from friends who’s little ones were potty trained, and it was a hit! I loved it immediately, Poo and all! Haha.

How Cute are the prints? this is a pocket Nappy

So I started using the pockets for both kids and realized that I would still need something that holds more wee for the nights. Then I came across Pokkelokkie. Pokkelokkie Cloth nappies are 100% absorbent and need a cover to go over them, they are either fitted or flats with boosters. There work so well for night time because a 100% absorbent Nappy means no leaks. I also love their natural feel and they are super comfortable for bedtime. I will discuss the different Nappies more in individual posts.

This is a Pokkelokkie Folded Flat

So during this time I kept track of how much disposables I was using to see if I was saving money. I also stopped using wipes and started using face cloths. My main reason for stopping with the wipes was that after changing a nappy I ended up with a loose, dirty wipe that I had to dispose of, and if it was full of poo, I ended up having to place it in a small plastic bag defeating the purpose of being more environmentally friendly. Also stopping with the wipes saved me money. The long and the short is that I’m saving money each month since I moved from disposable to cloth. In my next post I share the math with you.

I love my cloth nappies, they save me money, make me feel good about the contribution I make to be environmentally friendly, I love the pretty prints and the colours, they make me happy to change a nappy.

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