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Let’s get up and get it done!

Last week was a bit of a bust for me to be honest – I went for a run once, and it sucked. I was tired, tired, tired, unmotivated and just felt like shit. This is really hard…it really is..


I want this so bad, I really do, I want to look good, no great – actually I want to look the best that I can, for me, because I know that I can, and that it will be worth it for me in the end. This week I’m going to work hard, run everyday, and do all those ‘sucky’ planks and sit-ups. I’m doing this for me…


I watched a video about Making Sure It Hurts , and so much of what this guy has to say is true – you have to put in all the effort that you are willing to put in, to, in return, get out what you have worked for – So many of us, me including, like to whine and bitch about not looking the way we want to, not archiving what we want to, maybe we need to put in 100% instead of the acceptable 70%. It is such a natural thing within our nature to just accept things, sit back and say – “ah-well…Tomorrow is another day”

I’m a little tired of – “ah-well…Tomorrow is another day” now…..

I’m running out of tomorrows..


Watch this video – even if you don’t read the post – JUST WATCH THE VIDEO – it speaks for itself.

Take what you need from this for your Job, your training, your goals and have a amazing week!

Let’s make it hurt!


Follow my Motivational Pinterest Board and take what you need!

Have a lovely day!

XOXOX – Jani



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