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Trail running VS Road Running

Trail running VS Road Running : What’s tougher on your body, the road or the trails?  Why after running a 21km on the road it feels like my hips are breaking and my knees are squeaky but when I do a 24Km on trail my body is not nearly as wiped out afterwards? Yet I’ve […]

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Scrub Hare Trail Run

Date Held: 3 September 2017 Distances: 5km / 13km / 20km Terrain: Trail running Venue: Leeuwenkloof  Website: My Road Less Travelled Photos by: @TVrugtman / @AdventureLifeSA Scrub Hare Trail Race was hands down one of my favourite races organised by My Road Less Travelled. It was filled with lots of challenging terrain and interesting twists and turns so intricate that […]

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