Running App Review: Strava

So I started the App review with Strava. I chose to use Strava Specifically for Feb knowing that Feb has less days than other months. I knew that it would be a good reliable app, so using it for less days would not alter that outcome, whereas some of the apps might need more days […]

Where do Sea Shells come from

Where do shells come from, and how are they made? Sea shells are as interesting to adults as they are to children. Fascinating to both in their beauty and mystery. We almost annually visit Stilbaai. This is a small-town in the Western Cape, South-Africa. Stilbaai is a small coastal town – they have a website with […]

Race Report: Tom Jenkins Challange, Pretoria, South-Africa

Date: 19 November 2016 Distances: 21.1km (half marathon), 10km, 5km Venue: Union Buildings, Government Avenue, Pretoria *This is an AGN League race   The Tom Jenkins Challenge is a popular race that takes place in Pretoria South-Africa every year. It follows through the streets of Pretoria, underneath the beautiful blooming Jacaranda trees. On the 10th May 1994, the world […]