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    CLOTH NAPPIES: The Math, Time vs Money.

    If you prefer Watching a video to reading follow along here! When my husband and I fell pregnant with Paul we were both in our Professional careers, Him working as an architect and he also has 2 businesses on the side that he also worked for at night, on weekends and after hours. I was working in corporate for a big company, had a good salary and saving money was always important to us, but compared to where we are now it was not as big of a deal but it was still something we always considered before doing anything. Time as money for us, everything we did was calculated.…

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    BABY 2 OTTER : EPISODE 3 – De Clutter and Let go!

    WATCH THE EPISODE HERE: Baby 2 Otter Episode 3 – De Clutter and Let go! So July was crazy, I missed my runs, the house and family life was crazy and because of it I wanted to make a few changes, so in July I opted to get up at 5am everyday to somehow try and form a new routine… but that is hard with a toddler and a 3 month old baby…😅🙈 Somethings worked out and somethings didn’t…. and some unexpected things also happened in July, so check out the new episode of my YouTube series #Baby2otter to follow my postpartum journey from having a baby to getting for…

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    BABY 2 OTTER : Episode 2 – Running Pregnant.

    Watch the Episode here: Or Read about it here: Running pregnant and training pregnant can seem a little Taboo to some people, almost like having sex and being pregnant. But just because your pregnant doesn’t mean you broken or need to be put on some kind of high care! Yes your body is creating something completely amazing and wonderful, but it is also much stronger than you realize. Hormonal and other changes in pregnancy affect physical performance. In the first three a woman’s body produces more red blood cells, which are well supplied with more oxygen – Other potential advantages are obtained from the surge in hormones, predominantly progesterone and…

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    We all have plans for our life… Ideas of how we want things to turn out – But they rarely do work out the way we want. And when this happens, most of us tend to just accept the standard rolls we were given and settle, Not realizing that the ability to change those conventional rolls are within our hands and ours alone. We just have to take the Risk. Life for me, is all about taking risks – doing more than is expected. Becoming a mother is the most amazing experience I’ve ever had the privileged of experiencing, but it doesn’t have to end there… I think Most Mothers Have…

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    How to Keep your Polar M430 watch clean:

    Watch my full YouTube video here on how to clean your Polar M430 watch. The Polar M430 watch is waterproof, so the swimming exercises are available, in addition to the plethora of running, cycling, and other sports exercises. Here is my step by step of how I cleaned my watch in the video! Let me know what you think by leaving a comment or simply liking the video! Remember to subscribe and click the bell for notifications. Keep your M430 clean: Prep a bowl of luke warm water and mild soap solution – Do not use alcohol or any abrasive material such as steel wool or cleaning chemicals. If you…