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    Tommee Tippee Twist click Dustbin Review

    Previously my Husband and I had never thought of purchasing a special dustbin when our son was born. We used normal dustbins, and it worked fine the first few months. But generally newborn diapers dont really smell so bad. So everything went well for a while. Until we started with Solids! Oh my GOODNESS – Enter a whole new world of smelly diapers!! We go the Tommee Tippee Twist click Dustbin and I wasn’t really to sure on how well it would actually work. But it WORKED! and it really changes everything for us, haha. We used one refill for one month and we got about 78-85 diapers out of…

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    Hi Guys! Jani here from JBRobin Blog and today I’ll be reviewing for you the new state of the art ASICS | GEL–FUJI TRABUCO™ PRO Trail shoe! I was absolutely in love with my ASICS Gel Fujirados and couldn’t really see something coming close to it any time soon, but as always ASICS have out done themselves. Please stick around til the end of the video as I will be giving away a pair of these to a lucky trail runner! All you have to do is follow the easy steps and email me a answer to a question via Email! Please no comments obviously as the other runners can see you answer!…