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As a Mom I have fell in love with a few brands that are my go to brands for various things, Here you can see all the Brands I have worked with and Reviewed.

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    Some days going for a run can prove a challenge with baby in the mix. There are days when the only way I can get a run is to take baby with. This takes a bit of planning and organisation and sometimes feel like it takes us forever to leave the house. The fact is it has now turned into a fun activity for Paul and I to do, as long as there is enough Marie biscuits and marshmallows he seems to be happy. Here are a few things to remember when running with baby in a stroller: The StrollerIt’s best to run with a stroller that is kitted for…

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    Running Pregnant: Support Belts

    Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, midwife or nurse. The information expressed in the series “Running Pregnant – By” should not be taken as medical advice. Please consult your doctor before running during pregnancy and postpartum. No Pregnancy is the same. All bodies react diffidently – some baby bumps grow fast and others slower. I personally felt like my Belly was popping really fast and this definitely felt weird when running pregnant. So I felt like I would need a little support to continue doing what I love. I started doing research and looking for a way that I could support my body whilst running. I had a picture…