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Running with the Flu.

I started my January fueled and ready to get started on my goals. Getting back into the normal working routine for me was a little challenging and by day two I felt a little tired. By lunch time I had a funny scratch in my throat….annoyed with the realization that I might be getting a flu I tried to prevent it. Drinking Vitamin C, lots of water, Despite this it kept getting worse.

But what I fear I did wrong was that I went for a Run.

I didn’t want to not run on the second day of the week – I have a new running partner that I’m very excited about and promised that we would go running that evening. We did a 1.5km of slow run-walk bursts to get my Partner into the motions of running. Despite my awareness of the lingering flue I felt like I was failing if I’d decided that that was all for me for the day.

So I dropped my partner off at home after 1.5km and continued around the block. I’ll do at least 5km I thought but at 3km I was soooo Hot – like my body was overheating somehow. It was a overcast day – no reason for all this heat?!

By 4km I really felt like shit – checking almost every minute at the distance that was left – I was determined to finish – running at a average pace of 7’10″/km where I’m used to running 5’50” /km – my body was trying to tell me something. If only I listened earlier.

So that got me wondering – Should you be running when your sick?

Every person I spoke to said No – all had different reasons as to why and so on. But no one could give me real answers. I do remember when I was swimming competitively in school that exercising when sick was a big No-No… But still WHY THOUGH?

I have found that runners are very determined people – We want to Run, everyday, when we can, for as long as we can. I’m sure we all have our reasons but I’m sure none of them compare to the Runners-High. That feeling of bliss, endorphins rushing through your brain, the pure joy you feel as you push your body to the limits that you might not have been aware of. The curiosity of what can I do next, how far, how fast. The complete exhaustion and euphoria within you body as you finish. I could go on – Really I could, but you’ll have to experience it for yourself.

This Runners-high, complete satisfaction is a needy necessity to many after a long day – Nothing matters for that time that you are running, it will just fix you and clear you to deal with things better. Oh and it also helps you to not Bite off your partners head. Naturally when you get sick or feel ‘off’ that is the thing you want most. But maybe you should wait a day or three.

In response to being Sick, your body raises its temperature as a response to infection, Kinda like an alert that somethings up. when you run or do cardio your bodies temperature also raises. Combined this can result in a serious fever. This would explain me feeling like my body was overheating whilst I was running. My body was trying to tell me to please just calm down and relax.

I also read that running compromises the immune system, particularly in the first 20 hours after strenuous exercise. This means your body will be more vulnerable to the bacteria and viruses already making you feel sick, which increases the chances of your symptoms getting worse.

According to David Nieman, Ph.D., at Appalachian State University, Who is also Runner – Says he uses the “neck rule.” Symptoms below the neck  like, chest cold, bronchial infection, body ache, require time off. Symptoms above the neck like a runny nose, stuffiness, sneezing, on the other hand don’t pose a risk to runners that don’t feel like stopping.

However when speaking to any General Practitioner they would just advise you to rest. When your sick your body has to work extra hard to fight against the infection. It uses more nutrients and vitamins to get you better. When you go running or do strenuous exercises you steel those nutrients from the flue fighting worriers. This could Leave you feeling more exhausted and even worsen the problem. Along with most of the common flue comes the pain of sore muscles. Running with painful muscles can cause you to injure yourself.

Is It a Cold or the Flu? Cold and Flu Prevention, Treatment and Symptoms

The common rule seems to be to wait three day or until all your symptoms have subsided – after that wait one more day and then head back to your running. If your worried about your fitness, it is said to take at least 10-days before you start loosing it. So stop, get better as soon as possible rather than delaying your healing process and ending up being out for longer.

I think if Id known about this information I would probably have not gone for a run that evening, or the night after as well (Like an Idiot, yes –  I went for another run the day after…) My flue has just gotten worse and worse. I had two trail Races planned for this weekend that my Husband has now forbid me to do… I’m sure if I rested and did not over work my body like this I would have been better by now – Well you have to learn somehow.

Your body can take a few days even weeks to recover even after all your symptoms have subsided. I’m sure that depends on how well you look after yourself whilst being sick. So take it slow and listen to your body, not your Mind, your body. If it wants you to stop maybe its better if you do.

Go On Pinterest – There are some really strange remedies out there for your flue – I take no responsibility for what your try – Please note I’m not a doctor.

My personal Remedy: Hot-Toddie

My Grandmother use to make me something she called a ‘Hot-Toddie’ when I was small. It always worked – not sure if it just made me sleep well or if there was a method in her madness. But I still do it today – well with what ever I can find in the house.

Grandma’s Recipe

My Recipe

Other remedies I saw:

(I have not tried this – Just saying)



Home made Pineapple cough syrup:

This recipe actually looks kinda nice follow link to The view from great Island to get the rrecipe

XOXOX – Jani

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