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Race Report: Trail Adventure – Family fun run Big Red Barn

Date Held: Most Sundays

Distances: 5km / 8km / 10km / 15km

Venue: Big Red Barn ,Irene South-Africa

Website: Trail adventure

Trail adventure is a company that organize’s events and runs throughout South-Africa, Visit their website to see all their upcoming event. They do all types of adventurous events, from trail running to canoeing.

On Sunday I did a trail run that is hosted by Trail adventure – they do this race quite often and its a great all rounder. The route zigzags through the forest on the Big red barn property and is well marked out with Trail adventure boards.

Remember to use old Shoes, as the routes tend to be muddy

I have done this route before, but only a 5km and not with trail Adventure. It was my first trail run and I was surprised by how hard it was. Well, basically it is just a little bit more challenging that running on the road. you have to concentrate and look where your going, the path is uneven ,muddy and there are rocks and unexpected debris in the way and it’s easy to get an injury if you are not careful. The path is usually single which makes it hard for Runners to pass you or you to pass runners.

The race started at 7:00 am and there was lots of people. Young and old, and everything in-between. What I love about Trail Adventure Races is that it really accommodates the whole family. You can walk the route, jog or race – as long as you have fun, and a little adventure.

The distances usually vary between 5km / 8km / 10km / 15km depending on the facilities.

There are pre-entries and on the day entries. Pre-entries are a little cheaper and can be done online a day or two before the event, just visit their website. There isn’t really crazy crazy ques the morning of, so its fine to also enter on the day about 1 hour before the race starts.

Before you start Mr. Trail Shane will explain to you the route – he will also explain to you what to do in the event that you get lost. There are Marshals along the way, that can explain to you how to continue if needs be. The Night before I decided to do the 10km,  but I felt quite refreshed on the morning and decided to circle the 15km instead of the 10km. I tried not to think about it to much – I mean I’m fit enough! (lol)

It was great! besides struggling with the aftermath of sniffles and little bit of past flu I eventually got into the rhythm of things. passing a few runners and eventually settling into the pace of 3 people in front on me, I asked in our run run who is running how far – they answered – two doing the 8km and the one in front the 15km.  Great news! Trail runs are tricky and for me its best to have a few people that I know is doing the same route as me, Thus I would be following the Big Man – you can see him in front of me in the pictures.

I ran without my IPod and used only my phone to track. It was nice to be able to listen to everything around you. Somehow listening to Skrillex in such a peaceful environment feels wrong. Also it makes it easier to concentrate and communicate with other runners.

During the route there are mud holes, slippery patches, trees and other natural obstacles that you need to endure – not wearing earphones can actually help you along the way. When someone yells “watch out!” or “It slippery!!” it can go along way when you hear that in time – especially if your running fast.

The first 8km of the route was nice and peaceful, basic and flat – but still worth it. Then we separated from the guys doing the 8km and went out on or last 7km. We went through reeds, along a river and jumped over logs, BIG logs – my legs are short, I had to double jump at some places. Just a heads up – a great advantage in trail running is being short! Wow, all those tree branches and leaves – I didn’t have to duck half as much as the Guy in front of me. Anyway we made it through with a few leaves in the face and slip and sliding through a few mud patches. We ran and ran and ran – the last 3km felt really long to me. I think we got lost or something – it is possible – but we kept running.

Alas we recognised the route we were on our way back the same as we started. a Marshal laughed at us and asked if we got lost – “No-No…!” we giggled; secretly very happy to see him!

The end was near and we could see the finish line – As we got there they were taking pictures – I tried to give a nice smile – haha, I was truly exhausted, but at the same time felt so good. (I think I can go faster next time…)

We got our awesome Medals and there was refreshing cold water, energy drinks and even some Protein shake from Back to Basics Nutrition. My Legs really felt like jelly. We started chatting and high-fived each other, all of us very impressed with ourselves. I mean can you run 15km in the bush?

Just a side note: The Medals are really awesome – they designed them so that they can be used as fridge magnets as well – which is perfect for me!

We compared our tracking devices and I was a little shocked – My Nike running Club said I did 17km…. (I thought that last 3km felt long…) I’m still not sure how that is possible because I ran with the Guy in front of me for the most part of 8km and his watch said 15km – Anyway the girl that finished just after me said she saw me overtake her twice and felt a little confused…. Maybe I got a little lost in the beginning before I found those other 3, I did stop to blow my stupid nose a few times.

But it was fun – and I loved it! I cant wait for the next one!

The Previouse trail run I did with Trail Adventure is the Smuts House family fun Run. That one was a little difrent – Im doing this backwards but I’ll post that race  report next week – that one was a real adventure for me!

Hope to see you at the next race! – Go onto the Trail adventure Website to see their calendar – otherwise you can always see the JBRobin calendar for upcoming races.

Happy Running!

XOXOX – Jani


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