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Race Report: Deloitte Challenge

Date Held: 26 February 2017

Distances: 10km / 21km / 42km

Venue:  Phebobians club, Pretoria

Website:  Deloitte Challenge

The Deloitte Challenge is a race that is held annually in Pretoria, South Africa. It is a beautiful route and the second time I’ve done it. It starts in Menlo Park and runs through the streets of Pretoria all the way up into the Ford Klapperkop Nature reserve. The Views and the scenery is truly breath taking. It makes me proud to live in such a beautiful city.

The Race can be done at the following distances 10km / 21km / 42km, with the 21km and 42km doing the same route, and the 10km a different route.

I’ve only done the 21km before – but I have heard that it’s quite the mental game doing the 42km as it follows the same map twice. Nevertheless I look forward to attempting it one day.

The races start quite early and there is approx. 11000 people that take part in the race, all divided up in their different distances. The Race encourages family participation- and has become an important entry into most Pretorian-diaries. Fresh and early the streets get shut down and organised by the Phebobians Running club. They do a very good Job at having ample marshals and guides along the route.

The streets get quite crowded so if you live in the area just take part in the race, that way you won’t even notice the congestion. Haha..

My Race started at 6:00 am and it was still nice and cool. I had anticipated the Rain to join us along the route so I dressed way too warm. But do take note that for the first 6km you are basically going uphill all the way. Breaking a very good sweat. As you peak at Klapperkop you have to go downhill again and I’ve noticed that you get quite the chill when you reach George Srorrar Drive. The previous race I did on this route, my muscles completely cooled down here, and I was absolutely freeeezing! So just take that into account, rather don’t walk or cool down too fast.

When you get to the top of Ford Klappekop it is very beautiful view of the whole of Pretoria. Do try not to litter here to much as it is a nature reserve.

Early Morning Shot of Klapperkop Nature Reserve.

Remember to smile along the route as there is photographers, not like me above here, I’ll remember this next time! It was very nice to see my fellow ASICS FrontRunners along the way. We were all doing different distances and one of ours were a Marshal. After Goerge Storrar and Klapperkop you run through the streets of Brooklyn and Bailey’s Muckleneuk. The trees here are very beautiful and they lead you through Pretoria High School for boys.

Along the route there are bands playing – The Scottish pipe band at the top of Klapperkop Hill in the nature reserve- The Boys High Jazz band at the hill into the school and the Salon Band at the main school building.

From here it’s the final stretch back to the Phebobians Running club. As you get closer to the club you can see the 10km runners that are moving back to their cars and the energy on the field is alive with supporters and runners that have already finished. Just remember that earphones are illegal to run with, they need you to be able to listen to the marshals on route. I almost got disqualified – Oops…

As you enter the ques for your medal you suddenly feel the overwhelming achievement of what you accomplished. Weather you Ran the 10km, 21km, or the 42km know that what you’ve done not everyone can do. Be Proud!

I stuck around and met up with my fellow ASICS FrontRunners, we watched as the last of the runners came in. As this is a qualifying race for the Comrades allot of people try to do just that at this race – It was amazing and heart-breaking to see everyone who gave it their all to qualify. As the countdown began everyone started sprinting to make it. But as the gun goes off for the Comrades cut off time some unfortunately did not qualify. Luckily there are more opportunities.

There are lots of food stalls and even Physio Tent to help with recovery. It truly is a wonderful family event. I do Love it.

The Route has been said to be daunting and has a few tricky hills. But it is definitely do-able. I enjoy this race allot and love seeing all the different people running. There are lots of Porter-potties on route with water and cold drink points. If you haven’t done this race before, make a point to do so next year!

Pictures are from Me and fellow runners, Aswell as the Phebobians Running club and Tsepe Letseka.

Happy Running!




  • Grahame Gertsch

    Hi Jani
    Thanks for the running report – it was wonderful to read about our race through the eyes of a participant. We spend so much time and effort preparing for it, starting 9 months prior to the start. The result – lots of satisfied runners like yourself, who make it so worthwhile. Congratulations on finishing and getting the medal. We look forward to seeing your 42k entry next year!
    Grahame Gertsch (chair)
    Phobians Athletics Club

    • Jani du Toit

      Hi Grahame, thank you so much for the comment!
      It really is a wonderful race. I can imagine all the planning that goes into it!
      I hope to be fit and ready next year for the 42km!

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