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Training Log: Day 1- Getting back to Running.

Date: Wednesday 2017_07_12

Activity: Running

Distance: 6.3km

Terrain: Road

Pace: 6:05/km

So I’ve decided to keep a training log – and I’ve also decided to keep it public.

I’ve recently taken a 10day involuntary break from Running. We were moving and it has just been the most chaotic experience of my life. Yes I could have prepared better for it but I’m a procrastinator at heart and I usually need some added pressure to get things done, hence I started packing last minute. It started very organised and ended with me throwing things in boxes as my husband loads the truck. to say the least it was crazy.

Everything went down the drain, no organisation, no planning, so no lunches, dinners or organised wardrobes. At some point I found myself with a hairdryer in hand trying to dry  freshly hand washed underwear for my husband at 10:00 at night.

I’ve picked up the pieces so far and had lunches and some clothing ready this week, hopefully after this weekend all will be at ease. Lets just say moving is NOT what I though it would be, and I’m happy to stay in our new house for the next 20 years – then well can sell the house with everything in it for all I care, hahaha.

So last night I went for a run in my new old neighborhood. I grew up in this neighborhood and it was nice to run the streets my Mom and I use to run together. I Ran with my head lamp and reflective gear – it get dark so fast in winter. But strange enough it was very hot, at some point I wanted to remove my jacket.

I wanted to do a 10km but decided I would see how I felt on the run seeing as I haven’t ran for a few days. I ended up deciding to do a 5-6km. My run was at a much slower pace than usual about 6:05 /km . I did actually feel a little tired, like my body found it hard to get going. I got home nice a tired, and hot. It really was hot last night.

I have to say that I felt great. It was really great to get back into running – I even made myself a nice pizza and had a beer. (I was home alone – so I felt a little rebellious) I felt so great I even prepped dinner for the next day, so now I can just go run again!

When I woke up this morning I felt a few weird pains, in my legs and my back muscles. I’m quite shocked that not running for 10 days could have caused me to become slightly stiff and have muscle pains?  I’ll research it and let you know what I find out.

So that was it for day 1 back to training, I feel motivated and ready to get things going again.

Happy Running

X – Jani

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