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Training Log: Day 2 – Strength training

Date: Monday 2017_07_17

Activity: Strength Training

Location: at Home

Duration: 45min

So I worked out my own strength training plan from things I’ve learnt over the years and also from research I’ve done. As much as I would love to join a gym now or to get a Running couch to get more serious about my Trail Running Career it’s just not gonna happen –

Ek kan dit maar op my maag skryf!

Like my Mom would always say when I was little and I wanted something we could not afford.

I also realized that if I don’t have the discipline to get up early in the morning and do exercises for free, in my Living room to further improve myself, then paying money for training or a gym contract is not going to make me magically become more disciplined,. No, this is something I think I need to teach myself.

SO I know my body and decided to work something out to start with.

Jani strength training week 1+2


– 50 squats (This was easy)

– 50 sumo squats (this I did with 5kg and was kinda ok)

– 50 leg on chair squats (25per leg) (This burned a little – and my balance is really bad…)

– 5x planks ( 1 min per plank ) (ok I only did two here – it was hard, very hard)

– 2sets calf raises (10 per set) (Easy Peasy)

– 2sets single calf raises (10 per set per leg) (Burned a little, again balance issue)

– 50 sit ups (Was ok, more uncomfortable than hard)

– 20 stairs up and 20 down (fast run) (Out of breath and legs were tired after all the other stuff)


Run 8-15km depending on day (No Runs on Monday, We have Dinner with my Grandfather.)

Stretches (I forgot to stretch I realize now…)

Eat well, prep lunches and dinners for next evening (Did all this on Sunday, Yay Free Blog Night!)

I’m lying in Bed now and I can definitely feel some of my muscles – especially my abs and my Hammies, oh and the one but Cheek I nearly tore in my attempt to not fall on Saturday’s race (Long story short – Read the Race Report once it’s up!)

I think I might be stiff tomorrow. I will be doing this above plan for two weeks, repeating it on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Then I will see how it goes, but I hope to be strong enough then to just double the whole program.

This is really hard for me – the discipline to get up and exercise on my own with no accountability is difficult. But I really want this. Let’s see if I can pull through this time, after so many other failed attempts.

Happy Running

X – Jani

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