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Training Log: Day 3 – Trail Running + Strength training

Date: Wed-ness-day 2017_07_19

Activity: Strength Training

Location: at Home

Duration: 20min (I tried to do everything fast fast..)


Say it slowly – That’s how I say Wednesday in my head – No idea why

I overslept so bad this morning and had to do all my exercises in 20min + wash my Hair. Luckily I did lunches the previous evening and set all my clothes ready.

I literally had to drag myself out of bed, it was hard.

So I Woke up with a sore body, Hammies tight and tummy muscles sore. I have this voice in my head, that literally yells at me when I can’t get up, it goes something like-

“Get up..Get up please! You want this, Please

and the it turns a little aggressive like


Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

But what I do know is that weather I get up on time to exercise or not, I’m always disappointed when I don’t and never when I do!

So I did my program – Almost everything was harder. I was a little annoyed by it, I think I had a bit of a misconception of what I could do and what would be hard.

Jani strength training week 1+2


– 50 squats (Legs Burning)

– 50 sumo squats (this I did with 5kg , legs burning, balance off)

– 50 leg on chair squats (25per leg) (Hard and slow – Balance almost nonexistent )

– 5x planks ( 1 min per plank ) (Happy to say I did 3 here this time – was still very hard though! )

– 2sets calf raises (10 per set) (No time had to Skip this)

– 2sets single calf raises (10 per set per leg) (No time had to Skip this)

– 50 sit ups (hard – had to pull myself up a few times by my own Pajama pants, hahaha)

– 20 stairs up and 20 down (fast run) (I push hard through this – it was hard though – very out of breatch and legs burning bad!)


Date: Wed-ness-day 2017_07_19

Activity: Running

Distance:4.6 km

Terrain: Trial

Pace: 11:21/km

I went for a group trail run at  nature reserve very close to my house. I was shocked to see the distance we ran – it was very little compared to what i was expecting, but is was technical and tiring. You know when your so used to training on you own, you don’t really get to Gage yourself against other runners. So you think your fit and that your doing great, but in reality you have far to go. 

It was nice to meet a few other trail runners in our town. and it was a great mid week run! We went completely off road! Like crazy, haha Conrad took us on a complete scenic route – at some point I was like “Are we still in Pretoria?” 

Carien and I had a bit of a adventure tonight. But it was fun.

Stretches (I forgot to stretch AGAIN..)

Eat well, prep lunches and dinners for next evening (Was Starving when I came home, Husband is out of town so I had to cook for one – Almost got take out – but i needed lunch for the next few days, aaahhh..just forced myself to make something , and I’m impressed I did it! and now its done.)

My body hurts and I’m Tired – Gonna sleeeeep so nice now!

Happy Running

X – Jani

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