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Training Log: Day 4- Strength training+Bronchitis

Date: Friday 2017_07_21

Activity: Strength Training

Location: at Home

Duration: 45min

So this log actually refers back to 21 July 2017,

I woke up nice and early on the Friday morning to do some strength training and was planning on having a nice run the afternoon.

My Weekend was fully booked with Trail running and Brunch with a few Trail Blazing ladies on Saturday – and some CMIYC Pop up Trial run on Sunday.

I was very excited to see all the CMIYC ladies on Sunday but my weekend and week to follow would not turn out to be as great as planed.

Felt a bit tired Friday morning when I got up for my Exercises, but thought I’d just blame it on lurking lazyness.

I did all my exercises and felt quite great I must say, not as stiff or as sore as the previous days!

SO I did my routine:

Jani strength training week 1+2


– 50 squats

– 50 sumo squats

– 50 leg on chair squats (25per leg)

– 5x planks ( 1 min per plank )

– 2sets calf raises (10 per set)

– 2sets single calf raises (10 per set per leg) 

– 50 sit ups

– 20 stairs up and 20 down (fast run)


Run 8-15km depending on day (Sick –  noooooo Running Just Slept..)

Stretches (No, did not do this either)

Eat well, prep lunches and dinners for next evening (Weekend so no need to do this – was so sick, My husband cooked.)

After my morning Routine my day pretty much went to shit. Got to work and all the Girls were Coughing and weezing – looking like they all had bad flue – Except Kelly, She had survived flue during the previous week. Alas Ducking-and-diving would not help us contracting the deadly devils flue….I also started to feel a little flue-ish, I tried to ignore it and made my way to the Chinese embassy to apply for our Visas (were going to china bitches!!) anyway- ended up sitting in traffic , and literally feeling my flue escalating, had a fender bender with an idiot Foreigner that clearly does not understand how to drive in Sandton peak hour Traffic…. Made it to the embassy, symptoms escalating, getting worse and worse. I was ignoring it so much, I was just like

” NO, No no this is not happening, I have runnng planned!”

Bu the time I got to the police station to report this waste of time incident with my car I was glowing, fever, sneezing, sore throat, and tired. I wanted to just get back to the office so badly…

Got to Clicks and bought the whole Pharmacy, just about yes, got to the office scoffed down the worst planned lunch ever, and had meds. I literally sat through the rest of that day staring at my screen trying to figure out if  could run tonight or not….

Got home after Bad Friday Joburg Traffic, Literaly had a medlemon with 2 shots wiskey and Two Flue/Painkiller things (I do not recommend this – I drink it on my own risk.) Passed out and slept till 20:00.  The rest of the night was a burr,

Got up the next morning at 7:00 – Auto-piloted through getting my running gear on for our long awaited Trail Run and Brunch.

I promised My Husband I wouldn’t run (Liar!! obviously, I had been waiting for this day for 2 WEEKS, I was not gonna miss this.) I downed the Cough syrup and got out the car to greet all the ladies. Since I hadn’t spoken to anyone the whole morning I didn’t realize what my voice sounded like.

I greeted everyone, trying to act normal – but I’m sure that with my voice, or the lack there of that it was clear I should not be running. Anyway off we went, me in the back, trying to breath, through my mouth as my nose was blocked but also trying to not cough.

At a point I couldn’t decide if I wanted to run, caugh, or pass out.

No Folks this was the worst decision of my life, it was bad. DO not Run When you have flue, especially in your chest!! and I know this,I do, I know better. But I’ve waited 2 weeks for this run….

I felt bad for pulling some of the Ladies behind, the others started lapping us, I was so annoyed with myself, I’ve wanted to do a nice fast paced Trail run in a long time,but somehow life is just like ” No-No Jani, not Today” like every single day!!

We Finished, and I was thankful, I could stop pretending and finally breathe, now we could have brunch, it would have to fix everyhing.

I got in the car and tried to drink more caugh syrup – But it was finished…. Eish..

Got to Brunch at the Publcan Bar and GRill in Southdowns. Was so nice to get to know all the Ladies. All very formidable trail runners I might add. I felt honored to Run and have Brunch with them.

After the Brunch I made my way to the nearest pharmacy – I gave the pharmacist the empty bottle of cough syrup and asked for more. She looked at me and was like:

Pharma – “Mam – When did you get this?…”

Me – “Yesterday afternoon…Its not working…”

Pharma – “Mam – you can’t drink this much – it will impair you Breathing…”

Me Thinking: No Shit, I almost passed out while running this morning!

But I didn’t tell her that, I had an idea that her expression would not be one of approval… So I told her its ok, its better if I don’t get more now, I’ll just finish the other meds first. She looked confused, and I’m sure I looked a little bad so I just hurried on out of there, got home, and got into bed! There was to be no running the Sunday- Bummer , but my flue escalated so badly.

I got speetched from all my Parentals, and I have many,in-laws, normal-laws, Friends Parents. All telling me how irresponsible I was to go running. and they were right… Unfortunately.

Ended up being booked off for a week, man I have not slept so much in my life – Drank so much medicine, Finally got antibiotics. all the other girls at the office also got sick, we all ended up in bed with basically what was different forms of bronchitis, Poor Kelly had to hold the ford for the Merchandising Department, we were all K.O.

Anyway, that was a long one, but its been a week almost,  little more I think. But I’m ending July now. I’m done, only did 28km of running, slept more that I had in a year I think, yes seriously a year… lets just restart with Aug.

Happy Running

X – Jani

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