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Introducing: ASICS METARIDE™

On 28 Feb 2019 ASICS introduced the ASICS METARIDE™ to the market in South Africa. This technologically advanced running shoe is sure to reshape the way the core runner thinks about their long run.

As times change we humans are on our feet more and more during the day – making us spend longer hours working. When it comes to training and running we try to find the most efficient and most effective way to achieve our objectives. With less time and slower runs due to a busier lifestyle ASICS has combined all their top technological advances into one shoe to propel runners to run better, faster and more economically – #winthelongrun

Real feel energy return and forward propulsion. A footwear engineering marvel.
-Brendan Lombard, ASICS South Africa FrontRunner

The METARIDE™ is designed with GUIDESOLE™ technology to help propel the runner forward. With the centre weight of the shoe moves more to the back and a stiffer fore foot is sets the stage for an improved dynamic curvature to keep the ankle at an angle. This also makes it easier to swing the foot forward.

The angle between the plane of the foot against the axis of the lower leg narrows and widens as a runner lands and toe-off in a gait action. When this happens muscles become more active as you bend your foot more. This is how the energy is expended. This means that If we are able to stabilize the ankle at a certain angle, we will be able to reduce the energy usage, thus accomplishes the energy-efficiency running.

               This idea of fluid movement is central to the METARIDE™ shoe.

The improved cushioning reduces muscle fatigue at foot strike and the stiff forefoot along with the dynamically curved sole, which is accentuated through the running stride, increase running efficiency by reducing the movement of the ankle joint.

The METARIDE™ makes use of two key foams from ASICS – Flyte Foam Lyte and Flyte Foam propel.

Flyte foam lyte = Lightweight & Durability and Flyte foam Propel = Propulsion & Cushioning.

The two are combined with a layer of gel in-between at the heel of the shoe along with a 3D GUIDANCE LINE™ technology that promotes Stable & Lightweight ride. The Sole also makes use of GRIPSOLE™ technology giving the runner a reassured grip to the ground.

It felt as if I was on a ride not a run.
-Stefano Baldini, Olympic Champion Athens 2004, Marathon and two-time European Champion, Marathon (1998, 2006)

The METARIDE™ sole design was inspired by a bicycle and the Japanese expression of Koron- Koron – the sound something makes when it tips over and continues rolling on its own. Both of these ideas convey effortless coasting – the sole is in constant motion. This idea of fluid movement is central to the METARIDE™ shoe.

          META shoes are designed to highlight premium ASICS technologies

Many might argue that the shoe’s weight can be seen as a negative attribute but what you have to consider is the moment you take away weight you sacrifice durability, The METARIDE™ is designed for the long run, a faster more efficient long run. Short distance runners may use this as a great piece of training equipment but not for fast racing. There is limited stock in South Africa and there will be an updated colour available in July 2019.

META shoes are designed to highlight premium ASICS technologies and are manufactured with the best quality and leading technologies out there. The shoe will be available from 1 March 2019 at all speciality stores in SA. See links below:




Cape Town:

For more information on this amazing Shoe visit the ASICS Website!

Happy running!



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