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Nissan Trailseeker Trail Run Series #2 Buffelsdrift

Event Name: Nissan Trailseeker Trail Run Series #2 Buffelsdrift

Date Held: 30 June 2019

Distances: 10km

Venue: Buffelsdrift MTB Park.

Website: https://trailrun.trailseekerseries.co.za/

Photo Credit: Henk Neuhoff 

This past weekend was the 2nd edition of the Nissan Trailseeker Trail Run Series, I was very sad to have missed the first edition so I was super excited to take part in this race.

It was held at Buffelsdrift MTB Park, and the entrance was at Agricultural Research Council. Just north of Pretoria close to Roodeplaat dam, lies this bushveld haven filled with trails made up of farm roads, cattle paths, dual tracks and strategically designed single track for mountain bikers and the NISSAN TrailSeeker event. The terrain is hard and rocky amongst the grasslands and boasts rivers and canals. Wildlife can often be seen on these routes, so keep an eye out for some antelope. The routes form part of the popular Buffelsdrift MTB Park.

We arrived a little later than what I would have wanted, but my family joined me for the race, so I was just happy to not be alone for once. Went to have wee and they had a gazillion Toilets, I was super impressed, seriously the last thing you want to do before a race is stand in a bathroom que forever and being a mom, I almost never have enough time to just quickly go to the bathroom before we leave the house.

Registration took a little long, and had me nervous, but then they moved all the 10km runners to the front to speed up the process – but as I started to walk towards the start they were counting down the last minute – I literally prepped my watch and energy sachet while I started the run. But I think the adrenaline was good because I ran past everyone really fast to try and get to the front of the field.

I really wanted to run the fastest I could, and to be honest, I really wanted to win. I wanted to know that my training and all the effort that I put in was paying off. So I pushed as hard as I could, at a pint I was so out of breath , I don’t know if it was the adrenalin, energy stuff or just sheer will that was keeping me from passing out, hahaha but It felt like my breathing was completely out of control.

The route was quite flat to be honest, there was a few technical bits and the small up and downs made for some good fun. With no intense climbing on the 10km it was a great running route, just what I needed to somehow feel alive for a bit.

The water tables are usually very promising and great, but to be honest I was concentrating so hard on running fast that I didn’t even stop – But I know from my previous race that the water tables usually have great food and snacks – especially on the longer routes.

After the first 5km I tried to open the gap between me and the other female runners and just get into a comfortable pace, gaining control over my breathing, and focussing on not exhausting myself before the end. My hamstrings started to feel stiff, but luckily no cramping. I honestly never had my legs feel this way before, but also I’ve never run this hard before. And the best part is I didn’t die! (haha)

At the end we started merging with the 5km runners and when I saw the Finish line there was a line? So I’m not sure what went wrong but they were writing down the names of the finishers – and I was really nervous that they would not get my correct finishing time, I had run so hard, I don’t want it to be messed up at the end. So I ran past the entire line, somehow hoping they would just scan me quickly – But they asked me to please proceed to stand in the line.

This was a little disappointing as the timing chips that were supposed to make their lives easier just seemed to complicate things? And they actually cot my name wrong – thinking I was a Guy, and not even having me on the list as the first lady… Any way it was sorted quickly, Just hope at the next race they could have that sorted. I ended First Lady for the 10Km and Ran a PB, I was super impressed! and very happy with the prize money, haha it was a bonus for me, I really just wanted to see what My body could actually do when pushed hard.

Me and Nina from MY Road Less Traveled events, in first ans second place, She gave me a run for my money!

All in all it was a great day out, and a really fun race, loved the post-race area and goodie bags we got, always a nice touch especially when you pay good money for a race. The post-race area was really nice with shops for gear and food options available, even some beer and coffee stands, Perfect for a post-race get together with Family and Friends.

Thanks so much for Nissan TrailSeeker and Advendurance for the great race! Excited for the next one – Next up is Trail Races for the Cape Town folks, see events below:



VAN GAALEN #5: 15 SEP 2019 | NW

CULLINAN #6: 10 NOV 2019 | GP

See you at the next race!

Happy Running

Jani xx

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