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ASICS GEL-FujiRado – Review

Trail runner and full time working Mom, ASICS FrontRunner Jani du Toit Takes to the trails when the opportunity presents itself to break free from the mundane daily routine.

Her go-to shoe for Trail running long distance is the ASICS GEL-FujiRado, these are her thoughts:

Shoe Name: ASICS GEL-FujiRado

Terrain: Trail Running

Shoe type: Natural

Heel drop/offset: 8mm heel drop

Cushioning system: SpEVA midsole with a AHARPLUS™ outer sole

The Midsole is responsive with sufficient cushioning –The SpEVA midsole and AHARPLUS outer sole offer shock absorption and rebound properties that complement each other. This material retains that shock absorbing quality but increases the rebound component. This enables a high performance for this shoe.


            Upper: Monosock construction

            Midsole: SpEVA midsole with a AHARPLUS™ outer sole

            Forefoot:  Has a Forefoot rock plate

Weight: 355g

I regularly run with the ASICS GEL-FujiRado on my training runs and for races – depending on the terrain – I even have 2 pairs! If I’m not familiar with the terrain then I’ll choose to wear my GEL-FujiRado’s just because they are the most compatible for me with any terrain, from a fast trail through to a technical rocky trail. I personally love the support and snug fit it gives me as well as the amazing special up and down hill studs that provide traction and grip on rocky surfaces. It also has a rock plate that protects your feet against sharp objects such as rocks, branches and protruding tree roots. The Mono sock construction makes it easy to pull the shoe on and the 8mm heel drop keeps your feet in a natural position.

The Shoe sports the ultra-cool Boa system. This technologically advanced system offers quick, on the fly adjustments for convenience during the most demanding trails and features TX4 soft lacing material for excellent pliability, durability and reduced pressure points. The system also keeps laces contained in one continuous loop, keeping you safe on the trails and eliminating distractions, loose ends and unravelling.  I can quickly stop to adjust my laces with little to no stress of losing time or concentration.

I love this shoe and would definitely recommend it, a real good value for money buy. In South-Africa don’t have many manicured trails and out rough terrain has a tendency to eat at you shoe and this is by far the shoe I’ve gotten the most kilometers out of with regards to durability and versatility.

Check out My YouTube Channel for a visual review!

Happy Runnning!



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