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Tommee Tippee Twist click Dustbin Review

Previously my Husband and I had never thought of purchasing a special dustbin when our son was born. We used normal dustbins, and it worked fine the first few months. But generally newborn diapers dont really smell so bad. So everything went well for a while.

Until we started with Solids! Oh my GOODNESS – Enter a whole new world of smelly diapers!! We go the Tommee Tippee Twist click Dustbin and I wasn’t really to sure on how well it would actually work. But it WORKED! and it really changes everything for us, haha.

We used one refill for one month and we got about 78-85 diapers out of it – I put all the pee diapers 2-3 diapers together to save bag space? Don’t actually know if that works out as a saving but that is what I prefer.

I have to say it really does help with the smell – I’ve had a second hand Angel care Dustbin that we got from a friend, and I’ve used a normal dustbin, all failed or at least let out some sort of smell. This dustbin, however, did not.

And I know this because when I open it when it is full, I get hit by the smell and then usually feel like I might be sick, haha. So it definitely keeps the smell contained!

Watch my full review on the Tommee Tippee Twist click Dustbin – Absolutely love this product and below are a few of the spec’s at to why!

Here are a few of the spec’s:

It is powered by Sangenic for guaranteed odor and germ protection.

Nappies are individually wrapped in multi-layer anti-bacterial film to stop germs and smells escaping.

Anti-bacterial film kills 99% of dangerous germs like e-coli and Staphylococcus Aureus.

Holds up to 30 nappies* meaning fewer trips to the outside bin.

Inbuilt plunger pushes nappies deep into the bin, keeping your hands clean.

Flat lid opens against any wall. Slimline and compact, fits into any room.

Environmentally friendly – each nappy is individually wrapped in the optimum amount of anti-bacterial film, meaning less waste.

Available in Cotton White, Gentle Pink, Cloud Blue & Peppermint

Retails for about R369 and the refills are about R129 per refill

I hope you enjoyed this review – let me now if you have any questions!

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