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Shoe name: ASICS Trabuco Max
Trail Running
Shoe type:
Heel drop/offset:
 5mm heel drop



For long lasting plush underfoot comfort with excellent moisture management, high level of breathability 


High grip on various terrain, without compromising durability.


Multi-directional mesh material improves ventilation and stability.


Breakthrough midsole foam – 55% lighter than the industry standard, = a ultralight and responsive ride.


Reduces the energy loss in the ankle joint movement. A soft, curved sole, 2 layer midsole, provide the stiffness; 3D Guidance Line, moves the centre of mass contributing to the reduction of the energy loss in each stride.

Weight: 294g

This Shoe—there simply aren’t any words, it’s just amazing! I love it, it gives me the maximum support I need on long trail runs, great grip and I love the look.

The laces ‘garage’ is perfect for me, because m ankles aren’t too big I usually have sooo much loose laces left over after tying my shoe that it actually becomes a hazard when running if not tucked away! And that actually happed to me at the Otter race in 2020, my foot got stuck on a sharp boulder in such an awkward position as I was sliding down the technical route, a fellow runner had to help me get my laces loose as I hung one leg in the air.

I also love the comfort and support this shoe provides me. After having two kids, my hips just are not the same. After a hard long run my hips are usually so sore and I can really feel whether or not a shoe supports my by how my body feels after a long run. Personally The Trabuco Max has given me the confidence to head out the door, do a long run and know that I won’t be in so much pain after a good hard long run, I can still go home and run after the kids. To be honest – I love them so much, I’ve regularly taken them on a long road run when I feel a bit intimidated by the distance. I know these babies, got my back – or well hips.

The grip on the shoe is amazing aswell! And works well on any terrain. The Guide sole tech is probably my absolute favourite. The energy saving support and assistance is great, and I love the feeling. I was a bit sceptical in the beginning. After running with the ASICS Glide Rides on uneven terrain and that not working out too well, I was very unsure how this tech would work for a trail shoe, but it is very cool and really gives you a boost of confidence!

I would definitely recommend this shoe to any trail runner that wants to go the distance, it is an absolute pleasure running in something this comfortable.

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Happy Running!



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