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So I haven’t written anything in a while – I’ve written a hundred things down in my head to be honest, If only there was this device that recorded everything that I wrote in my head ,lol… Ok , Maybe not.

So this is the start of my postpartum body post –

After Paul’s birth I was desperate to get back to running and being fit. Honestly I was so terrified when I found out that I was pregnant in the first place that I told myself that any excuse to take it easy was a ‘no-no’

It was painful, hard and looking back I definitely did not take enough time to heal my pelvic floor and fix my already bad bladder issues. Paul was literally born in like 17min – I have never before felt my body push out something that hard.. Like my tummy muscles did not care weather I was afraid that something might tear- oh no – it was all go and al hard core – haha over quickly thank goodness! So I bounced back fast – Not saying it wasn’t hard work – but age and a fast metabolism definitely helped.

March 2018 – 8/9 Months Pregnant – Paul
December 2018 – 9 months PP – Paul

Lily was my opposite pregnancy – I was tired, on medication to prevent her from coming early and going for a run was at the top of my to-do list but my body did not agree… her Birth was a labouring process – is was calmer and I knew what to do – and the Doctor made it in time, lol. Lily was about 5 days old then we entered lockdown – so running and being out and about became impossible – so I took things easy and decided to try and recover differently than the first time.

End Feb 2020 – 8/9 Months Pregnant Lily
December 2020 – 9 Months PP – Lily

So I learnt to take things easier thanks to my second postpartum recovery – I trained very hard for the Otter race and after that I had a bit of a ‘I’m gonna just chill a bit’ attitude and it was fun, I allowed myself to rest, run for fun and I also only ran when I wanted to – no goal, no pressure- I gained 10kg – lol and nothing fits except my pregnancy gear… and that’s ok, whatever..

Sometimes we need to just relax, So for few months now I have been training minimal but continued to eat according to my normal patterns, which is fine, and normal! But now I’m a bit uncomfortable and I can feel the additional weight weighing on my self confidence – So I feel that now, it’s time to get comfortable again.

I also usually make it a point to not post about diet or what I eat any more – I hate getting into the controversial discussion (roll-eyes) everyone does it differently – and there is ALLOT of stuff I do not agree with – and allot that I do – but the number one thing is, that if it works for you, and you are happy and comfortable with what you need to do to feel comfortable in your skin at any number on the scale or measurement on the tape – then that’s fine.

Let me repeat – if it works for you, and you are happy and comfortable with what you need to do to feel comfortable in your skin at any number on the scale or measurement on the tape – then that’s fine.

I’ll be posting my journey to keep myself accountable – and because I’d like to share what works for me – as much as hate the discussion around diet – when I hear someone eats only 6 apples on one day and only soup the next I get a really big question mark on my face – and I just want to ask them, how can you live like that? And do you truly and honestly achieve long term results?

So I’m sharing what I do, and you can do with it what you want… I’m not dietician or a doctor –I’m a human that loves food, a true emotional eater.

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Happy running!



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