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It is 9:51 am on a Thursday morning and as I’m picking up the kids Legos, I realize….

“I cannot remember when last I took a shower…”

Yesterday I ran a total of 8km while working with Iconic Agency to shoot some exciting things for ASICS. We started the shoot at 5:30am and ended at 18:55pm. The kids were at my mother’s afterschool while we did a few last sunset shots on the trails, and then I had an amazing dinner that my Mom made… and then we bathed the kids. I remember thinking “Damn that bath water looks good…”

We went home both kids fell asleep in the car, and in order to avoid a crying shit show – I carried them, BOTH – damn they are heavy now. I literally passed out in my clothes next to the kids, woke up at 23:30pm – Because Paul decided to wake up on his own and watch Peppa Pig?! Seriously, WTF… hahaha these kids are crazy. I took off my clothes and put on some form of pajamas, got back into bed.

Still as I think back now – No shower was taken…

I woke up with Paul scream-whispering to me to go make him tea at 5:00am (roll-eyes) seriously … then Lily woke up as well – and not being a morning person – she was just such a ray of sunshine, we just got dressed had tea and coffee and went to school.

I had to decide on a Run or a nap – haha but napping at 8am in the day feels a little bit weird, so I decided I was gonna go run- just see how it goes, I wasn’t feeling tooo fresh, tired and weak, my sugar was definitely low an my Blood pressure was at 88/66 which makes me feel so sluggish and bleh…

But the run turned out great – I struggled a bit close to the end – I could feel my body needed some fuel and soon.

SO back to picking up Legos and realizing that I need to take a shower… It got me thinking, on how different my life was when I had a set routine – When I had to get up and follow the same steps every day to get to work – come home, make dinner and do the rest. How I longed for the chance to be a SAHM and just run and have coffee and take care of our family.

SAHM’s are so lucky – they just have it made – so much more time for themselves, time to do what they want – literally 8 hours in a day –not working for a boss, not having to ask if you can take kids to the DR, run whenever you can in the day, don’t have to ask for leave – you just have so much more freedom than sitting at a desk. OR that’s what I thought. I honestly always thought these Mom’s just complain for no reason.

Here’s the twist//

Being a SAHM is the hardest thing I’ve ever done! FFS! It is constant – it is being in your own house for the majority of the week, doing the same mundane things over and over again. Toys, dirty diapers everywhere, take out trash, clean the kitchen, Washing! Goodness can someone make disintegrating clothes?! If you have your own small business – you have to push that in there as well.

This is not what I had planned – hahaha, Where are my 4 hour Trail Runs, my Coffee with friends, My ‘me’ time? One thing is true; my day is much more flexible – which is something I’m super grateful for – the other thing, Not having to ask my boss to leave early, to come in late or to take my kids to the DR. Being able to say

–“the world can wait! My baby is sick, we’re doing out thing today!” – and not feel guilty!

That is the best feeling, lol, in my case the boss just has to wait – coz it’s his kids! (hahahahaha)

Motherhood is hard.


It doesn’t matter what ‘type‘ of mom you are – in fact there shouldn’t be a ‘type’. Were all Moms, we feel the same guilt, we all experience judgement, we are all so flippen tired, maybe not all at the same time – but we all go through bad leaps or sleep cycles, sleep regressions or some or other external stress at some point, and we need to move through it –push through it to get out alive on the other side for our kids.

I have made friends with Women I never thought I would get along with, just because we are mothers and we are both dealing with the same stuff, work no work, it’s all the same-same in the way that we care for our kids and our families, we’re mostly likely all beating ourselves up about something.

Motherhood is hard – But it is a ‘Hood’ that we all belong to, so let’s support each other.

I’m Gonna go shower now.

Happy Running!



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