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Living Uplifted – What it means to me

The role of a woman has significantly changed over the past centuries.

Woman endure, survive and grow through any and every situation that is thrusted their way. Weather the focus was placed on it centuries ago or not. We have humbly accepted the roll of being anything and everything we can be. Athletes, mothers, sisters, wife’s, care-takers, and equal opponent in the work place as well as a maternal figure at home.

One of My favorite quotes are

 “We expect Woman to work like they don’t have children and to raise children as if they don’t work.”

And I don’t want this quote to be spoken in a tone of ‘unfair-ness’ because that’s not how I see it. There are many obstacles against us in the work place and at home – But the way I see it – the woman in the past have fought for these rights, this equality, for this opportunity to balance so many parts of our day. And although there are many biases posted against us, the only way we can overcome them is together, supporting each other.

By embracing your success I’m not taking from my own, it might not always feel good deep down, but when your turn comes to have your success, you’d want someone else cheering you on as well.

Being a woman in this day and age means balancing everything the woman in the past have fought for. But the beauty of it, is that for the most part we have the wonderful opportunity of defining ourselves, being who we want to be. And although I speak of this as a wonderful opportunity, doesn’t mean by any means that it is not hard, or that it is not without challenges. I like saying

 “You’re going to be judged either way, so rather go with what makes you happy”

So I want to empower you to do the things you want to do, despite you Job, your Family, you husband or whatever is keeping you from doing what you love. Whatever is making you feel like you can’t is a lie. You can make a change, it might end up being hard, but the possibilities are there.

For Me , Living Uplifted means doing what make me happy – going with what speaks true to who I am, not as a mother, not as an employee, not as a wife, but to who I am as a person, doing the things that makes me who I am, away from all the other roles I balance.

That ‘Jani’ I imagine as as I was in my younger years, young ambitious and full of ridiculous crazy adventure hopes and dreams. And if I’m going to continue living towards a sound mind and sound body – I need to hold on to her real tight and keep on balancing everything that needs to be done in my day. And at some point in my day, I have to just do what I need- what my soul needs to fill my cup in order to be who I am to everyone else, it’s not selfish, even though we usually feel it is.

I Balance being a wife, a mother, a business owner, an athlete and a content creator. And a few things more – Living Uplifted for me means doing all these things even though it is hard. The fact that it is hard makes it so much more worth the challenge. I know many of you other Ladies balance just as much, and some of you even more! I’m sometimes in awe of the things I see other Mom’s and woman balancing. Let’s help each other live a uplifted life by supporting each other this International woman’s day and throughout the coming 2022.

Watch the first video in the campaign here:

Till next time

Happy running – xx Jani

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