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Jacaranda trees and Foam-rollers

Yesterday Liezl and Mr. Gatsby asked me to join them for a walk through Brooklyn, Pretoria. We don’t live here but it’s really a beautiful neighborhood with beautiful houses, and lots and lots of Jacaranda trees.

As promised, they were in full bloom yesterday, covering the ground with a purple carpet of flowers, with the buzz of bees in the air.

The clouds were thick in the air, and looked like they were bringing the promise of rain, the wind was lovely amiss the summer heat. Our Country needs some rain right about now, I hope it comes, we need allot of relieve from many things happening in our country right now, and I believe that  little rain will help wash off some negativity that has been casting a shadow over us.

I put in some serious mileage this weekend with regards to running, and I even went to the gym, it really was allot of fun, I enjoyed it.

Hope to continue with it in this week – I had some fun with my foam roller, rolling out my muscles – It really hurts on some places, really really….

I got this picture on Pinterest that let me to this website on how to Foam roll like a pro!


Its really helpful, just don’t expect to smile as much as the model in the picture, lol, it hurts, but it gets better.

I particularly love the upper back one – it’s like giving yourself a massage! The two I was concentrating on in particular was my ITBand and the calves, I’m not sure if I can say that it has helped yet – But my Left ITband has not hurt as much this weekend – I have also added along a few new exercises that are available in the new runners word magazine, The article is about Post run protection, I felt a little silly doing them, as they are stability and core exercises, and if your not very stable, you look a little wonky when doing the exercises, but I believe it will get easier in time. The whole exercise takes only 10min if you do it correctly – and no equipment is needed so you can literally do it anywhere which is great. I’m going to add these to my daily routine and see if it helps.

I also did about 60 reps in different core exercises, so six-pack here I come! I must say I am a little sore now….But it’s ok!

So I hope your Monday works out well, Start it off good and the rest will follow!

Have a lovely day!


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