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Running Stilbaai

Its only 64 days and a few hours to go until my December Holidays start, I’m very excited and grateful that I have the opportunity to go on holiday. Every year we make turns as to which family we go to for Christmas – this year it’s my husband’s family, so we are going to Stilbaai.

It’s a very popular holiday destination for young people and also young families. Throughout the year it is basically a haven for the retired community and for 30 days of the year in December they are unfortunately invaded by us, the regular inland dwellers that want to experience the amazing place they call home.

Stilbaai is a small coastal town in the Western Cape – they have a website with all their activities and information if you click HERE . My Husbands Parents live here full time now, and is truly is a privilege to be able to come here and spend a whole month on holiday. The first 2 weeks before Christmas is usually crazy with all the matrix that come here for matrix vac, but it gives a good vibe , the beaches are packed and the local pubs and restaurants try to keep up at their best. Most people that come here are literally regulars –it’s amazing to see everyone again and again every year – it’s like going on holiday alone but also with friends!

It’s like a home away from home.My Favorite place to visit is Skilpiesbaai, Shells are scattered around everywhere! Really beautiful.

Recent years I’ve started to run here, from the house where we live all the way down to the harbor. it’s truly magnificent. The weather is usually overcast in the mornings making it a perfect condition to go for a run early in the morning. Later in the day the sun comes out, and if the wind dies down, you’ll have a perfect day on the beach.

The wonderful thing for me about going on holiday here is that my husband gets too sleep in, as long as he wants, and I get to just go and run, no questions asked. We get to both relax in the way we prefer. But if we want to meet up with friends later we can, coz their also on holiday there!

So most of the routs I’ve run are getting a little boring now – (no offence) especially since I’m allot fitter now – so I’ve decided to spice things up with 3 Running Goals I want to reach this December.

Run from Stilbaai West all the way to the main beach and back –12.7 KM


Run from Stilbaai west to Jongensfontein – the small neighboring town (one way) – 15km –

My husband will have to come fetch me, lol, don’t think i’ll make it back aswell…

Run on the beach – no route indicated as of yet – Google maps don’t really indicate how far the beach stretches, so I’ll have to just check that out when I’m there.


Then I’ll also do my standard runs

Harbour run – 7.9km


Lagoon run – 10.4km


Skilpiesbaai – 7.8km

I want to try and see if i can run on the beach this year, but on the actual sand, I’m busy doing some research on it and will let you know what i find out,

Very excited!

Please visit for more information on all the featured activities available in Stilbaai!

64 Days!!

I love Stilbaai, its a wonderful community and town to visit, I’ve never met someone that said they don’t like it there. It has a special sense of magic. It truly is a privilege and a pleasure to visit!

Have a lovely day!

XOXOX – Jani

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