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Why not to wear Sunscreen….

Recently I’ve burnt myself with our little African sun,

so I did some research on the topic –

and read a article on why not to wear sunscreen –

So I read this article with my new beautiful pink completion – trying to see where I had gone wrong, seeing as my skin is hurting like hell, and this girl says she prefers not to wear sunscreen….hmmmm… So she said –

If you still think I’m crazy, keep reading and I’ll show you why I’m not.”Starre vartan

Everything she said made sense, but it’s also a personal preference thing. You can read about it here.

 If you’re an outdoorsy person you still need protection – So the natural remedy is Sunscreen. I would recommend doing your research and deciding  for yourself. The site also had the following article that was interesting:

What you may not know about sunscreen  – it’s also a more recent article



This past weekend we went away with friends to the Vaal River. It was lots of fun, sitting on the Boat, doing water sports and having a good time.

 When we initially arranged the get together we organised what who needs to bring etc. But we specifically said, Bring Your Own Sunscreen! Some people didn’t so we just shared – but we had so little sunscreen in the end, that we were all basically screwed!

So we all got a little colour.


I’m sure you had a Mom, Dad, family member in your life that was always hassling you about wearing sunscreen as a kid – and we used to get annoyed with all these old people. I mean what do they know?!  You are just trying to have fun.

My skin has changed so much over the years, we use to live close to the cost when I was very little, and I also have a naturally darker skin tone, I have never had a problem with a tan or getting sunburnt, My skin would just absorb it and everything would go all pretty and cappuccino…

Enter Adulthood!

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the average adult spends 93% of their life indoors.  87% of their life is indoors, then another 6% of their life in Cars and transport.  If my Math is correct, that means we only spend 7% of your life outdoors. So naturally our skins tend to weaken, become lighter and more sensitive. This study was done in America,  I couldn’t find one for South-Africa. I’m sure it will closely correlate.

Throughout history it is known that a pale-fair skin tone or beautiful white completion was seen as a symbol of wealth and beauty – Only very wealthy women could afford to not work outdoors, thus creating a stigma that a Pale-white completion was one of a higher status.

Well, long have those days past with all our pretty Orange self tan Ladies walking around. (No judgement here – it’s just a observation) –  But never the less, when you go on holiday you stand in front of that shelf in the store looking at all those Ridiculously-Expensive–Confusing-Very-Well-Marketed sunscreen and sun protection products – But actually you just want a Tan – so why spend the money?

Well I’ve been asking myself that question for years – and I’ve used numerous products and spent way to much money and here is what I’ve found (Emphasis on what I have found):


  • Go in the sun at the hottest part of the day – that is about Mid-day
  • Don’t use Baby oil or kitchen oil to tan, just don’t…
  • Do NOT fall asleep – (this is my weakness) – you will wake up feeling like shit.
  • Don’t go without any protection, that’s just asking for it
  • Don’t just buy the one with the highest SPF
  • Don’t buy according to the brand or what someone else says – Do your own Research, everybody’s skin differs!

But Do!

  • Wear a hat – just get a sexy one – but at least wear one!
  • Wear some type of protection, if you have a strong skin, then at least protect your face
  • DO research..
  • Read the label (the one on the back preferably – the front is pure marketing)
  • If you’re a newbie buy smaller sizes and test it out first
  • Follow the instructions on the product – don’t apply and then jump into the water if that is not how the product works…
  • And Always have a shady spot to relax or retreat under


An interesting statement that she made in her article is that people who wear sunscreen more have been proven to be more likely to get skin cancer. However this could be because they are outside more, rather than it linking to the product itself.

Also that the FDA has actually banned any product stating that it has a higher SPF than 50. It’s not clinically proven to give the protection it implies – so really don’t waste your money on something higher than SPF50.


So here are a few tips that I got from a few sites, they basically all state the same –

so I think it is safe to say we can trust them:

  1. Wear a product that is water resistant and that has a SPF of 30 or higher. This will protect you from UVA and UVB rays.
  2. Apply your sunscreen between 15-30 Min before going into the sun. Give the sunscreen time to at least be absorbed into your skin.
  3. Apply enough – Adults need to apply at least 30ml to their skin – and cover all areas, otherwise you’ll just burn patchy.
  4. Reapply Every 2hours – After sweating and swimming it is important that you reapply sunscreen.
  5. Wear protective clothing – wear light colours and clothing that sits loose – it can offer great protection from the sun if you don’t intend on sun bathing.
  6. Wear a hat and sunglasses – Wear protective head gear. Your eyes and face show the earliest signs of aging. Let’s keep those faces Wrinkle free.
  7. Always have sunscreen , a hat or a scarf with you. A plan B is always a good idea.
  8. Stay hydrated – Drink enough fluids, preferably water, alcohol and excessive sugar is also not good. Hydrating you skin will also help it recover and stay healthy.
  9. Plan your day – Decide on how long you want to spend in the sun, correspond this to your friends, make a decision, and rather go for a beer during the hottest part of the day, you can always go back into the sun later.

So Be smart and educate yourself – If you burn you can only blame the pink face starring back at you in the mirror!

During the week I will do a follow up ‘PART 2’ of some sorts of the products I prefer to use!

Have a lovely day

Remember Sunkissed is better than Bacon

XOXOX – Jani


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