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It’s OK to fail – but it’s more rewarding if you don’t!

Yesterday afternoon I got home, opened a bag of Doritos and poured myself a generous glass of wine. I went and sat in front of the TV and convinced myself that it’s OK to take it easy tonight – and then it crept up – the little voice that that reminds me of what I’m trying to achieve… it took all of 20min –

But I got up, told my glass of wine to just chill, I would join her in a little while again and I went for a run.

Didn’t go too far –got this annoying pain in my abdomen – so I just ran slowly –


 It was worth it.

I used the Polar Beat app last night – I figured out that it bombs out when you try to take a picture during your run while the app is tracking you – little bit annoying so I just refrained from taking pictures – that did help me concentrate on my run more though. A few other things with the app as well, but I’ll keep that for the final blog – so stay tuned!!

Didn’t regret it one second – got home nice and hungry,

So I made this for Dinner! – It looks pretty doesn’t it?


I just threw everything together in good moderation of coarse – I then divided the recipe in two so that I could have lunch for the next day.

So it’s simple:

  • Can of chic-peas
  • 3 boneless/skinless chicken breasts
  • 4 radishes
  • Half an onion
  • 2 gherkins/pickles
  • Feta cheese about a 3cm x3cm piece
  • 100g cheddar cheese
  • 4 squirts lemon juice – or however tangy you like it
  • Few cuts of chives


Like I said – I divide it in half and use it for two meals – you know your body, adapt the amounts if necessary, just note the chic-peas are quite filling.

  • Just fry your onions till brown and add the chicken – with whatever chicken spice you prefer, I added a basic BBQ spice and some chili flakes
  • Cut up all your other ingredients, grate the cheese, leave the feta, you’re going to crumble it later.
  • While the chicken is in the pan – Mix all the salad ingredients in a bowl together, so that’s the chic-peas, radishes, gherkins, chives and the lemon juice, mix and half for one portion – but again you know you portion sizes so just adapt it.
  • When the chicken is done crumble the feta over the chicken in the pan and add the cheese.
  • Then mix everything together and TD-DA!


We enjoyed our dinner with a glass of wine and some House hunters International.

cymera_20160929_182754PS: This is Gingy-Kat

I loved it, and I hope you will too!

Have a lovely day, and its Friday – check out my upcoming events section for all the races coming up this weekend – Park run has a 5km at the Voortrekker Monument in PTA this Saturday, remember to just register – it FREE!

XoXoX – Jani



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