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Why not to wear sunscreen – Part 2:

So how does sunscreen work, and how do we know which ones to choose, what is good and what is bad? and what does all those Abbreviations actually mean?!

This article is a little overdue; it was supposed to follow the previous post – “Why not to wear sunscreen”

So part one mainly focused on why you should or should not wear sunscreen, This one is more focused on how Sunscreens works and what I prefer to use.


I’ve used so many products and the one I have found that works the best for me and my husband is RIEMAN P20. It is a Danish product – so I assume if its available in South-Africa you should be able to get it anywhere. For my South-African readers – I buy it at Dischem. It is a little expensive but it really works.


My husband has one of the most sensitive, fair beautiful white skin I’ve ever seen, but I hope for my sanity that our children get my skin one day. So the P20 really helps me, going all nice and brown, but also protects my office white skin in the beginning of the holiday, after about 3 days in the sun, I’m good to go. But my Husband needs a week or two and once he has burnt, it’s over and then we can just stay indoors.

I read a Great article on how to choose your Sunscreen –Click Here for more!


So Here are a few ones I’ve tried:

We have used Nivea – which smells really nice, but the bottles are really small and it washes off really fast – I mean if you’re at the beach your want to be able to swim without worrying about re-applying the whole time, and unfortunately their products are way to expensive for me for what you get – I use to have to buy 3 bottles of their 50+ spf and still my husband suffered and got sunburnt – @ R159.95 per 200ml bottle that’s about $11.61 – I don’t know if that is normal or expensive to other countries but I think I can buy about 3 Bottles of good wine for the same price.

Then you get Everysun, SPF50, a 250ml bottle for R105.95 that’s about $7.68. Makes you look white and washes off.

The washing off just means you have to re-apply the whole day long – and between using more and more and having your hands sticky and full of sand I would rather skip that.

I’m by all means NOT dissing any products – this is personal preference and what suits my budget!

What I love about RIEMAN P20 it’s has a oil base  – it makes your skin look nice and hydrated and also doesn’t have any smells– you will have to wash your hands after applying – and preferably don’t get it on clothing, it doesn’t have colorants in, but it is a oil base.  So I buy P20 Spf30 sun screen 200ml at R239.95, that’s about $17.50. Expensive yes, But it lasts us at least 3 weeks holiday, is water-resistant, more than any product I’ve ever used. Has 10-hour protection and because it’s a oil base, you use so much less than with creams and sprays that blow away in the wind as you apply.

In the event that you do get a little Sunburnt,

Here are a few good remedies:


remedies-1 aloe-cubes

Leave a comment and let me know what products you use and what you’ve found works best for you?

Have a lovely Sunday – And for everyone here in South-Africa, Enjoy the summer sun! The December Holidays are almost here. Keep going one of these days we will be on the beach!

XOXOX – Jani


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