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Starbucks Foodie Meet-up

I was lucky enough to be invited to the Zomato Foodie meet-up at Starbucks here in Pretoria at the newly built Menlyn Maine.

I really love good Coffee and I get put off quite easily if I order coffee and the establishment does not get it right – after a meal it’s like the foot note, the last paragraph to the entire experience. When an establishment gets it wrong that’s all I remember.




Luckily for Starbucks the Coffee was the main focus, and it was amazing. We were invited to join the guys from Zomato for a festive Christmas reveal at their Menlyn Maine Restaurant. The newly Built Mall is beautiful, a real gem here in Pretoria.

We all met up at the central square and was greeted really friendly by the staff of the Starbucks – we were given these delicious cranberry drinks. I believe it was called Berry Hibiscus. It’s not something I would ever order – but I was happy I got to try it. Was really refreshing. Perfect after my trip through peak hour traffic. It is a mixture of cranberry juice with REAL Berries in! Any Berry juice, has a tendency to be a little Sour and too sweet, and this one had the perfect balance, No face pulling sour and just the correct amount of sweetness. I was pleasantly surprised with this one.


 We sat outside as they revealed to us the two new beverages that would be the Christmas focus drinks this season.

zomato-starbucks_jani-du-toit-24 zomato-starbucks_jani-du-toit-25

zomato-starbucks_jani-du-toit-2 zomato-starbucks_jani-du-toit-3

First up is the Gingerbread Latte. A warm cozy latte with shots of gingerbread syrup, topped with whipped cream and nutmeg. I really liked this one. It comes as a Frappuccino option as well – and it is a really versatile option either hot or cold. As Latte the Coffee came through very mild, but yet strong enough. I’m always so careful to order a Latte as I’m not really a ‘milk’ drinker – for lack of a better word. But this was perfectly balanced and the Ginger bread syrup gave it that Christmas feeling, Yes – this drink feels like Christmas!

zomato-starbucks_jani-du-toit-20 zomato-starbucks_jani-du-toit-28

Next is the Toffee Nut Latte. A Delicious latte with toffee nut syrup and crunchy toffee sprinkles. This one was a little sweeter, but still had the delicious coffee taste. Again this one works perfectly as a Latte or a Frappuccino. The milky-ness of the Latte wasn’t too much for me, and was a good balance between milk and Coffee.

zomato-starbucks_jani-du-toit-27 zomato-starbucks_jani-du-toit-29

What I enjoyed about both these beverages, hot or cold, is that the Flavouring did not over power the coffee, instead it complimented it, giving a great twist on a normal Latte.

Alongside the Coffee, we were literally over indulging in all the treats that they had available. Every time I thought that was it – there cam more.

Sweet stuff:

  • Spiced Fruit Mince Pie
  • Giant Cranberry and White Choc Chip Cookie
  • Chocolate Brownies
  • White Chocolate Rocky Road
  • Toffee shortbread


Little bit of Salt: 

  • Panini sandwiches – I cannot remember the names, or find it on the Menu online. But this was my favorite!

It had bezel Pesto and mozzarella on, and another one also had chicken on with more Pesto. I want that now – just for thinking of it, mmmmm….

I’m going to find out what it was called and I will update this.

zomato-starbucks_jani-du-toit-19 zomato-starbucks_jani-du-toit-36 zomato-starbucks_jani-du-toit-38 

I’m not a sweet tooth – but I tried all the sweet things and the Giant Cranberry and White Choc Chip Cookie was my favourite, the Toffee shortbread was a real hit with everyone at my table – it was nice, a little hard to bite. But that is just personal preference on my behalf, I’m not a toffee Fan, but everyone else liked it!

Lol I even took some to the office the next day, and the Mice pie was a hit along with again the Toffee shortbread cookie – so if that is something to go on, do try it!



We enjoyed the rest of the evening and got to take some treats home, which was nice of them. My husband was impressed. We also got these amazing goodie bags, I love big cups, and the one we got is perfect! Also got two vouchers, so I’m sticking my Husband for Coffee this weekend! Yay!

Thank you to Zomato for the invite and to Starbucks Menlyn maine for receiving us so warm heartedly!

Do check them out!

 zomato-starbucks_jani-du-toit-46 zomato-starbucks_jani-du-toit-44 zomato-starbucks_jani-du-toit-7

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