Hi, I’m Jani from JBRobinBlog!

I’m a Wife, Mother, Trail runner and ASICS FrontRunner and enjoy sharing all my many adventures with the people around me. I live in South-Africa and enjoy being part of its diverse cultures and groups of people. This is my country, with its ups and downs and it’s wonderfully warm hearted people. Visit my Website @JBRobinBlog.com
If you already follow me you will know that I’m honest and open about almost every aspect of my life, My husband hates it some days as the poor man is actually very Private and he ended up Marring his complete opposite. But we work well together.
– We have a beautiful little boy Named Paul
He was born with a very rare defect that occurs in every 30 000 -50 000 babies. It’s called Bledder Extrophy. Follow this Link for a better explanation on the defect, if you Google it, just know that google tends to show you the worst case scenarios. Paul’s defect was luckily not so severe but we still have a very long journey ahead of us.
– We now also have a beautiful little Girl Named Lily –
She is full of smiles and make us all very happy, I never thought being the Mom of a little girl would make me so happy, I also never thought I would dress her is pink!
Being healthy is important to me, it’s also difficult – there are so many obstacles we have to face, having the time to exercise, buying good food, and making the right choices. I’m a trail runner and I love running and I’m part of the ASICS FrontRunner movement, and proud to represent a brand such as ASICS.
I’ve learnt a lot over the years, and the important thing is to use your experiences to your advantage, whether they were good or bad – They were you lessons, you’re the boss of them in the end.
I love comparing things and doing research about what is the best option, follow me for interesting in-depth comparisons of products, food and methods. You can also follow me on my YouTube channel for Product reviews. (JBRobinBlog – Jani du Toit)
I love doing fun things – Lets go on an adventure together!