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What motivates you?

Today I want to ask what is it that motivated you, because that is what determines whether you make it or fail?

I’ve worked out a new route on the Nike website that I’ve wanted to do for a while now – it’s a long run – so I need time, and energy. Yesterday I wanted to do that run – I even got home really early – so it all made sense – but 3km in I realized that today was not going to be today for this long run –

I usually have about 2 exit routs along the way in case something happens and I need to get home faster. I had NO ENERGY last night, it was quite shocking – but I wanted to run, I want to win, I want to reach my goals, I was not taking the short exit route…

It’s difficult to want to reach those goals when you don’t see results – I firmly believe that’s why this has been 2 years in the making, of running, stopping, losing weight, gaining it again, and so on – I woke up one day and thought I would try a little harder from now on, and slowly it worked – my body, eating habits and metabolism was starting to change

– then I got ITBand –

I thought it was over – I tried everything to fix it until my doctor basically told me to take it easy and rest for 3 – 6 weeks, depending on the severity, I couldn’t climb stairs!! I was so upset… I got cortisone injections to help with recovery and was told that it will most likely make me pic up weight…. Yay, I exercised so hard just to get injured and fat again!

So I quit the whole winter – think it was more than 6 weeks – but I didn’t change my eating habits –I stayed strict on that, and I actually woke up one day realising that I’m losing weight, my clothes fit really loose and my boobs disappeared, my thighs are tiny… first I was shocked and thinking I was sick – I mean I’m not even exercising and now I’m losing weight?

But luckily I wasn’t sick – my metabolism had just adapted so much from the lifestyle change months before, and even though I didn’t exercises I still cut out carbs and regulated my portions I started to see results!

And that Motivated me!

I started doing little things to make my tummy muscles and bum muscles stronger – to get my hips stabilized in turn to prevent the ITBand coming back. And it worked – I get to look in the mirror and not feel demotivated – quite the opposite I feel like it’s just getting easier – I’m halfway there!

My motivation is to have a six-pack, and to look good in my Bikini – were going to the ocean for a whole month in December and I’ve stood on the beach for 2 consecutive years feeling disappointed, but not this year! Getting piercings, and tattoos and getting a new hairstyle has come and gone – but having a six-pack has never gone away for me – The next difficult step for me is to do some plank – and sit-ups, now running is the easy part –

So keep going –it is hard, it really is hard! It takes long – and you can take stimulants and diet pills – and they will work – but if you don’t change your lifestyle – it’s all going to be for nothing.

It took me two years to be where I am now, and I’m sure you can do it faster, you just have to make a decision and do it –

be committed and remember why you started!


So today just put on your gym clothes, or just go for a walk, even a bad run is better than no run!

Comment , like, let me know what motivates you!

Have a lovely day

XOXOX – Jani

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